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Things to Do in San Antonio in October 2021

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Visit Alamo City in October 2021 for a variety of amazing fun! From the shows at classic theaters to the banks of the Riverwalk, you can find plenty of activities and attractions to create the perfect getaway for you and your family. San Antonio, TX is a beautiful city, so don't miss out on all of the fun! 

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Top October Things To Do In San Antonio
Oct 22, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021
SeaWorld San Antonio
When guests visit SeaWorld in October, they are often greeted by cooler temperatures compared to those that are seen in the summer months. Guests will usually notice that the animals are a bit more interactive because of the cooler weather but should also keep in mind that some of the animals might want to stay in warmer areas of their habitats because of the fall season. Aside from dozens of animals, there are also several rides for guests to enjoy. Rides are available for all ages and include a Carousel as well as a roller coaster. Various shows can be seen throughout the park including many that get the animals involved. Tours are scheduled throughout the day so that guests can see the animals a bit closer. When the weather is cooler in October, the lines usually aren't as long, which means that it's often easier to interact for longer periods of time with the animals.
Oct 20, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021
San Antonio Aquarium
The San Antonio Aquarium is an attraction that guests can enjoy when they want to get indoors out of the heat during the month of October that is often present in the area. The aquarium features dozens of exhibits and hundreds of animals to see. A popular feature is a moving sidewalk that takes guests under a tank. The tank gives guests a close look at many animals that live in aquatic environments including small sharks, turtles, and a variety of fish. There is a touch tank where guests can touch stingrays and a few other animals. Guests can also view shows that feature animals like birds and snakes. Many of the shows are for the education of guests as workers talk about the habitats of animals and how they live in the wild. Activities on the property outside the aquarium include a bounce house and a merry-go-round for children to enjoy.
Oct 20, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021
San Antonio Ghost Tour
One must head to San Antonio, Texas, in October to take the San Antonio Ghost Tour. This can only make that Halloween even more enjoyable as one celebrates all the Ghost and Goblins with pure fun and excitement beyond compare. San Antonio for many is considered to be one of the most historic places in the US. The history is covered with a harrowing past which can all be revealed with the haunted ghost tour. Come and experience a spooky vacation right in the mist of October which is already the time to seek out the spookiest of the spooky. This tour comes complete with a professional paranormal investigation, just think one can have their own ghostbuster as it all starts with a walking tour to some of the most legendary parts of San Antonio. The local legends and hauntings will all be uncovered with much history to learn about in this adventure that lasts about two hours. There is no other way to spend Halloween than to make such "googly ghostly" memories.
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