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Orlando, FL Adventures

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Explore Florida in a new way and try one of these great Orlando adventures that will make your stay complete! Have a blast with the whole family on an Orlando adventure by booking today!

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Orlando Adventures

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Baby Gators with the Boggy Creek Daytime Airboat Ride
An Airboat ride out in the Florida everglades is an experience you will not forget. At speeds up to 45 mph I was whisked away into the swamps of Florida. Many animals caught my attention as our expert guide showed us the sights. The surrounding swamps are beautiful with cypress trees teaming with wildlife. The U.S. Coast Guard Captain showed us alligators, turtles, birds and much more. The experience was a beautiful sight in one of the most beautiful ares of the world. Airboat tours are completely safe and it is the only way to get around the Everglades of Florida. I was impressed by the speed of the Airboats, and then came all the beautiful sights. It was an amazing adventure.
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Sea Screamer Speedboat
Guests who enjoy being on the water can enjoy a day filled with sightseeing and adventure on the Clearwater Beach Day Trip. A portion of the trip is set on a Sea Screamer Speedboat. The boat navigates waves in the ocean as passengers feel the wind blowing and the gentle spray of water from the ocean. While on the tour, passengers could see dolphins and other sea animals. Enjoy lounging on the beach or swimming in the water. Transportation is provided from and to hotels in the area with a guide who discusses landmarks in the city.
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Touching a Manatee with Florida Manatee Snorkel and Swim Adventure Tour
The twelve-hour Florida Manatee Snorkel & Swim Adventure Tour includes transportation, breakfast and lunch, an airboat ride, an opportunity to swim with manatees, and admission to Homossassa State Wildlife Park. First, you will have a guided pontoon boat tour of Crystal River, after which you can either snorkel, paddleboard, or kayak with the manatees. You will then be taken to Withlacoochee River, where you will have a 30-minute ride on an airboat and see more manatees, as well as birds, fish, and turtles. After the airboat ride, you will be taken to the Homosassa Wildlife Park, where you will be able to view manatees from a floating observatory; the park also houses other wildlife and a children's education center.
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Gatorland Screamin Gator Zipline
For visitors to the beautiful Orlando area, taking a visit to the exhilarating Gatorland Screamin Gator Zipline is an adventure that you must embark on. The Gatorland Screamin Gator Zipline ranges from 230 to more than 500 feet up in the air, as you and your family can defy gravity hundreds of feet above a swamp of over 130 hungry alligators. However, guests don't have to worry, because the Gatorland Screamin Gator Zipline is equipped with the latest safety gear, meaning visitors can take comfort in knowing they are completely protected while they are hundreds of feet up in the air. Additionally, there are several excellent restaurants and gift shops that you and your family can enjoy on-site.
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Family with Gulf of Mexico Deep Sea Fishing
Deep Sea fishing is an adventure and lots of fun. Gulf of Mexico Deep Sea Fishing is a charter based in Orlando, Florida. This is a fishing experience you will not soon forget. The Majestic Super Queen is the largest catamaran fishing boat on the east coast of Florida. The charter will supply all rods, licenses, tackle, and bait needed. The crew is there to assist and guide you through the experience. The fun is for all, so bring the kids along too. There are over ten different species of fish in these waters. The chance of hooking one is in your favor. This trip is a one of a kind fishing adventure. Reserve a position on the catamaran today.
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On the Airboat with the One Hour Airboat Ride at Night
Florida is very well known for its alligators and crazy night time wildlife. Anyone can have the chance to experience it first hand on a One Hour Airboat ride at night! On this airboat ride, tourists will have the chance to view first hand alligators and all other night time creatures that lurk in Florida swamps. These are some of the most popular tourists attractions because they can be exciting and somewhat scary. There is just never telling what could be seen next from alligators to bugs! This is the perfect tourist attraction for anyone looking for a new adventure!
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Orlando Airboat Eco Tours
The Orlando Airboat Eco Tours is a boating tour adventure in Orlando, Florida. The tours are personal. The guest and up to seven others are welcome to board the vessel for a fun-filled one hour, ninety-minute, two hours, or four-hour tour along the beautiful swamplands of Orlando. These boats have stadium-style seating. The US Coast Guard certifies the tour boats; the captains of the boating tours have been approved by the US Coast Guard as well. The journey is accessible by wheelchair; there is a ramp to get on and off the boat. Guests should bring their cameras and video cameras; there will be many photo opportunities along the way. Guests should dress in casual, comfortable outdoor clothing. Everyone is sure to have a wonderful time.
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Swim with the Manatees
Go on a fun adventure and swim with manatees in Florida's Crystal River. This is a truly relaxing adventure, because you will be picked up from your hotel in a motorcoach, and breakfast will be served during the trip. Once you arrive at Crystal River, you will head out on a pontoon boat to see some amazing sights. After arriving at the spot that manatees are usually found, you will get into the provided snorkeling gear and head into the water. The certified instructor will ensure that everyone understands the rules and stays safe. A hot lunch is served after the dive.
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