Savannah Trolley Tours in Savannah, GA

234 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Savannah, GA 31401
Beautiful Savannah, GA is Georgia's first city. It is a beautiful coastal town that has many historical sites to see that have withstood the test of time. Trolley Tours are the perfect experience that lets you take in the best of what Savannah has to offer.

Savannah Trolley Tours feature over one hundred points of interest spread out over sixteen different stops. The biggest advantage is that you can hop on and hop off at any 16 given points to bury yourself deeper in the rich history of Savannah. There are many points of interest to embrace yourself in. One of the main attractions is The Cathedral of Saint John. Established in 1700's by the first French Colonist, and perfectly restored to be the center piece of Savannah. A must see before you leave. Next we have the beautiful Forsyth Park. It features a rich mixture of natural beauty and history, like the stunning Forsyth Fountain, that is known for its sheer size and elegance. Savannah's historic elegance is represented by The Kehoe House and the Davenport House. These are two of the most historical rich pieces of architecture from the 1800's that proves that residents were proud of their city. Another house with historical significance is the The Andrew Low House. It was the home of Andrew Low, a wealthy cotton merchant from Scotland. It is the perfect example of the quality construction that many admired. Many famous individuals like Robert E. Lee and William Makepeace Thackery often visited this beautiful estate. It was also the home of Juliette Gordon, the founder of Girl Scouts USA.

If you have ever dreamed about what the nation's beginnings looked like, all you have to do is visit Savannah. You are guaranteed to be in awe of the rich history and beautiful architecture that encompasses what Savannah is all about.

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