Chatham Artillery Armory near Savannah GA

2307 US-80 Savannah, GA 31408
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Nestled in the heart of historic Savannah, Georgia, the Chatham Artillery Armory bewitches visitors with its unique combination of authentic southern charm and rich military history.

Imposing, yet inviting, the grand red-brick structure is an indispensable part of Savannah’s skyline, known primarily for being the home of one of America's oldest military organizations. Standing majestically on Bull Street, this edifice paints a vibrant picture of America's past and lures history aficionados and casual visitors alike searching for a touch of heritage in the enchanting port city.

Established in 1786, the Chatham Artillery is one of the oldest military organizations in Georgia, even in the entire United States. The current Armory, built in 1892, replaced an earlier edifice destroyed by the Great Savannah Fire. With its incredible longevity, the Armory bears the echo of numerous historical events and personalities. It stands as a testament to the past, displaying century-old military hardware and memorabilia that provide a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of military history in America.

The highlights of the Chatham Artillery Armory are aplenty. The neighbouring Madison Square serves as a delightful treat to the eyes with its blooming azaleas and punctuating magnolia trees, while the Armory itself mesmerizes visitors with its stunning arsenal. The Armory's gothic revival architecture is adorned with intriguing military insignia, gargoyles and finials. Surrounded by ornate ironwork, you'll be fascinated by its family of cannons that date back to various battles and war times. On display within the Armory are war relics, uniforms, and photographs along with ancient books and documents that paint a vivid picture of the Chatham Artillery's storied past.

Besides its pivotal role in preserving historical military insignia, the Armory also serves as a rented venue for social engagements, earning it additional public interest. Weddings, receptions and other social gatherings are frequent within the Armory’s walls, their celebrations softly underscored by the whispers of centuries passed. The versatility of the building holds yet another mirror to Savannah’s unique mix of the old and the new.

In conclusion, the Chatham Artillery Armory stands as a compelling point of interest for any visitor to Savannah, Georgia. Its imposing edifice, historical depth, and architectural eloquence simply demand attention. Whether you're a history enthusiast wanting to understand America's military past, an admirer of late Victorian architecture, or simply in search of a unique venue to host an event, the Chatham Artillery Armory offers a myriad of intriguing possibilities. A visit to this architectural gem is a step into a bygone era, a journey through time that guarantees to mesmerize and educate, making it a must-visit for those traversing the southern charm of Savannah.

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