Things to Do in Nashville, TN in March 2023

Visit Music City in March for a fun spring vacation. Whether you're celebrating Spring Break with friends or planning a family vacation, there are so many great things to do in this city. Experience music history with a visit to the Grand Ole Opry or one of the many music museums, take a cruise on the General Jackson Showboat, or take a trolley tour through the city. No matter what you do, your time in Nashville is sure to be memorable!

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Top Things To Do In Nashville in March
Mar 2, 2023 to Mar 31, 2023
The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour Nashville, TN
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Are you a backwoods, deer huntin' redneck that loves a good laugh every now and then? If so, the Redneck Comedy Bus is a rootin tootin good time for you and your friends. During this two hour tour you are taken through the heart of Nashville Tennessee to enjoy the scenery and activities offered in one of the most soulful cities in America. During this tour you are guided by a redneck certified comedian that will have you laughing all the way home! Some of the fun and exciting places you will be visiting the country music hall of fame, downtown Nashville city center and Ryman Row. While cruising around the country music city of fame, you get the opportunity to laugh your redneck self to tears while also enjoying the scenery and recreational activities in the heart of Nashville. So come along and join the redneck bus on this all inclusive Redneck Comedy Bus Tour in Nashville Tennessee.
Mar 1, 2023 to Mar 29, 2023
The New Nashville City Double Decker Bus Tour
Spring break in March can be fun filled with a trip to Nashville, TN, with The New Nashville City Trolley Tour on the top of your to do list. The New Nashville City Trolley Tour is brand new and it is an experience that must be tried from Grayline. It consists of over 100 highlights of what Nashville has to offer. The city attractions and the historical sites will make this a spring break to remember. This is a bus tour that is fully narrated which will enable you to learn and not only enjoy but know some fun facts about your sight seeing. You will learn and see things that you never know about Music City. The tour itself lasts about an hour but what an hour because it includes sites like the Riverfront Train Station which is Nashville's hub for transportation and the Musicians Hall of Fame Museum that is very popular among music lovers and this is only a couple of exciting things noted here but there is so much more.
Mar 1, 2023 to Mar 31, 2023
Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum
Musician Hall of Fame in March-
The musician Hall of Fame in Nashville Tennessee is a great place for you and your friends to go visit for a night out. During this time, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Hall of Fame Museum and get a good tour of it as well. You’ll be able to learn more about the music industry and about the history behind these famous musicians.
If you are someone who enjoys listening to music, this will definitely be a great experience for you because you’ll be able to leave the museum with a lot of knowledge and a lot of great memories with your friends. You and your friends will also have the opportunity to see important historical artifacts and other instruments that were played by famous musicians.
Your tour will be able to cover different exhibits such as the American studio exhibit, the Nashville exhibit and the LA exhibit. This is a great way for you to spend some quality time with your friends while at the same time learned some valuable information.

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