Things to Do in Nashville in March 2025

Take a fun spring vacation to Nashville, TN this March! During your time in Nashville, you will be able to participate in an amazing array of attractions and activities. See a show at the Grand Ole Opry, visit the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, or set out on the New Nashville City Double Decker Bus Tour. This calendar can help you find all of the activities to create a memorable March getaway.

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Top Things To Do In Nashville in March
Mar 1, 2025 to Mar 31, 2025
Homes of the Stars Bus Tour - Tour Celebrity Homes in Nashville, TN
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March is an excellent month to take the Homes of the Stars Tour in Nashville, TN. With its moderate weather, you'll comfortably explore star-studded neighborhoods. The exquisite beauty of springtime in Nashville enhances the scenic experience. As the city shakes off winter, witness the stars’ homes in their full blossoming glory. March's relative calm before the tourist-heavy summer season also means less crowded tours, offering you a more personalized, relaxed visit to these iconic dwellings.

Mar 1, 2025 to Mar 30, 2025
Music City Brew Hop

March is a fantastic time to experience the Music City Brew Hop in Nashville. As spring begins to bloom, temperatures are comfortably mild, making it perfect for hopping between the city's top breweries. With fewer tourists than in summer, you can enjoy more intimate tours, tastings, and interactions with local brewmasters. Plus, March offers exciting events like St. Patrick’s Day festivities to enhance your brew-hopping adventure. Cheers to a memorable, flavorful journey!

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