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The Most Exciting New Roller Coasters for Summer 2014!

After the winter that many of us across the country have had, we are long overdue for some fun in the sun! What better way to kick off summer than buckling up and strapping in for some of the craziest twists and turns in the United States with this list of the most exciting new roller coasters for summer 2014!

Kansas City, MO
Inside Kansas City's very own Schlitterbahn lies the world's tallest water slide at 168 feet, 7 inches. Verruckt gets its name from the German word for 'insane' and rightfully so – with a height that tops Niagara Falls, Verruckt is 17 stories of heart-racing, stomach-churning, adrenaline-pumping excitement. Not meant for the faint of heart, Verruckt straps riders into a 4 person raft that will slide down a staggering 168 feet, only to be blasted back up a second monstrous hill, and then once again down a 50 foot drop! Opening May 23rd, 2014, Verruckt promises to be a water slide unlike any other you've ever encountered!
Six Flags Great America—Goliath 
Chicago, IL
Opening in May 2014, Goliath at Six Flags Great America towers in the park's skyline at an impressive 180 feet! A three time record-breaker, Goliath will be the world's fastest wooden roller coaster with the tallest and steepest drop, as it thrusts riders down 180 feet and speeds through heart racing twists and turns at 72 miles per hour! Riders on Goliath will face three extreme over-banked turns, a 180-degree zero G-roll twist, and two intense inversions, sending them head-over-heels into a winding inverted drop and a spiraling inverted zero G stall. Living up to its name, Goliath will tower over all rivals!
Six Flags Great Adventure—Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom
Jackson, NJ
Set to open Memorial Day weekend, Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure features incredible aerial views, breathtaking heights, mind boggling speeds, and stomach tightening drops! As the tallest drop tower in the world, Zumanjaro will lift riders 415 feet into the air and rocket back down to earth at 90 miles per hour. An eight person gondola takes Zumanjaro riders to the top of the 415 super structure before dropping them at 90 miles per hour in less than 10 seconds. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is guaranteed to leave even the bravest of daredevils breathless!
King's Island—Banshee
Cincinnati, OH
Recently opened Banshee at Kings Island features the world's longest inverted coaster, making it another record breaker on our list! The first female-inspired roller coaster at a Cedar Fair Entertainment park, Banshee sends thrill-seekers through 4, 124 feet of coaster track and seven heart-racing inversions at speeds up to 68 miles per hour!  Features of the ride include curved drops, dive loops, zero-G rolls, batwings, spirals, and other coaster favorites!
Dollywood—FireChaser Express 
Gatlinburg, TN
Making it's debut as the 'nation's first dual-launch family coaster', Dollywood's FireChaser Express opened in the spring of 2014 and in the grand tradition of all things Dolly, it is larger than life. The 2-minute, 19-second ride sends riders both forwards and backwards along a 2, 427 foot long track high above the Wilderness Park area. With a minimum height requirement of just 39 inches, FireChaser Express is a family friendly ride, making it a possibility for riders as young as four year old!
Magic Kingdom—Seven Dwarf's Mine Train
Orlando, FL
Set to open May 28, 2014, the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train at Disney's Magic Kingdom is a steel rollercoaster in the park's New Fantasyland. First announced in 2011, Magic Kingdom's Seven Dwarf's Mine Train features a unique car train that swings back and forth as riders make their way through the mines. On the ride, families board a mine car and are taken down and around the outside of the mountain before venturing into the mine shaft where they will find the seven dwarves along with their jewels!
White Water—KaPau Plummet
Branson, MO
Coming to White Water in mid-May 2014 is the $1.7 million thrill ride, Ka Pau. This new ride at the well-known Branson water park boasts a staggering tower height of 40 feet, two encapsulated slides whose bottom drops out, creating a free-fall drop for the rider at 70 degrees at 26 feet per second (that’s 18 miles per hour) through a looping 240-foot translucent waterslide, before spitting them out into a pool of water. This rocket-like plunge is complete with an AquaLaunch trap door and has an impressive water flow of 1,000 gallons per minute! This thrill ride is guaranteed to go beyond any ride constructed at the tropical theme park in Branson and families will not want to miss out on their chance to take the plunge at Ka Pau!

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