Seul Choix Lighthouse near Mackinac Island, MI

905S Seul Choix Point Road Gulliver, MI 49840
The Seul Choix Lighthouse is located in Macinac Island, Michigan and is a site that thousands of Michigan tourist visit each year.

This historic lighthouse was built in 1892 and was meant to be a help to settlers who traveled through the area frequently. Though it is over 200 years old, the lighthouse still stands at a picturesque 80 feet tall and now houses a museum which tourists can explore when visiting and learning about the light house. The Seul Choix Lighthouse can be seen from over 200 miles away and is still used by seaman during important expeditions to and from the state of Michigan.

Michigan tourists find the museum at the Seul Choix Lighthouse to be extremely fascinating and entertaining. The museum helps visitors to understand the full historical purpose of the lighthouse while providing entertainment through various hands on activities which relate to the nautical experience. Visitors to the area also enjoy the tour of the physical Seul Choix Lighthouse, which includes the option to climb to the top of the lighthouse and witness the breathtaking view from the tower.

Tourists who visit the Macinac Island area of Michigan will be delighted by the historic scenery that surrounds the Seul Choix Lighthouse. In addition to the ability to explore and learn about the Seul Choix Lighthouse, tourists also gain the opportunity to bring back unique lighthouse memorabilia to remind them of the informative visit to the historic site. Visitors of the Seul Choix Lighthouse are seldom regretful about their visit to the area and usually make multiple trips to the museum and the lighthouse during their stay in the Michigan area.

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