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The image shows a serene courtyard with symmetrical hedge patterns, a central fountain, and brick paving, flanked by a white building with an arched doorway and framed by leaf-bare trees under a bright sky.

Franklin Square in Savannah, GA

Franklin Square Savannah, , GA 31401
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The following tours visit Franklin Square:
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4/21/2024 - 12/31/2024
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Franklin Square was laid out in 1790. In 1791 it was named for Benjamin Franklin, who served as an agent for the colony of Georgia from 1768 to 1778 and who had died in 1790. It was also known as Water Tank Square, Water Tower Square and Reservoir Square, having been the site of the city's water supply.

Franklin Square almost suffered the same fate as other Montgomery Street squares that were lost to development in the 1970s but was restored during the following decade. Franklin Square is located on Montgomery, between Bryan and Congress Streets, and anchors the western end of the City Market retail area. A memorial honoring Haitian volunteers who fought with Pulaski during the Siege of Savannah, created by sculptor James Mastin, was unveiled in Franklin Square on the 228th anniversary of the battle.

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