Fort Pulaski National Monument near Savannah, GA

Walk in the footsteps of America's Civil War history when you visit Fort Pulaski National Monument near Savannah, GA.

The site is home to a turning point in the history of war and a land mark for new militarian technology.

 During the most significant part of the ninth century, stone fortifications were utilized in the USA as a guard against adversaries. Gunfire couldn't bring down the solid stone dividers, and they were believed to be perhaps the best guard around, that is, until the common war. During this season of change in American History, the Union Army was effectively trying rifled guns to use in battle. The accomplishment of this creation made stone fortifications a totally pointless. The Union Army utilized these rifled guns against the Confederate battalion situated inside Fort Pulaski and effectively made the Confederates give up. Following the war and the disclosure made at this area when the Union Army surpassed it, President James Madison requested new beachfront fortresses be raised to shield the nation from attacks. The new stronghold was done in 1833 and was named Fort Pulaski to pay tribute to a clean trooper and military officer who battled under George Washington in the American Revolutionary War.

This location is home to an interesting piece of history as well as a look back in time at what life was like before the many modern conveniences we all enjoy today were available. Step back into civil war era America and understand what this country went through as well as the huge steps the country was taking to become the great nation it now is. Don't miss this chance to visit such an amazing historic area. Make your reservations today and visit Fort Pulaski National Monument near Savannah, Georgia.

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