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Old Town Trolley's Holiday Lights Tour

Davenport House in Savannah, GA

324 E State St Savannah, , GA 31401

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The following tours go by Davenport House:
Ghosts and Gravestones Savannah Bus Tour Photo
7/19/2024 - 9/6/2024
Only courageous souls will stand a chance on this Ghosts and Gravestones Savannah Ghost Tour, so if you have what it takes, then prepare to experience this haunted ghost tour of the city from a treacherous seat in the Trolley of the Doomed.
The following tours visit Davenport House:
Old Town Trolley's Holiday Lights Tour Photo
1/1/2000 - 1/1/2000
The Old Town Trolley's Holiday Lights City Tour is a great city venture for Georgia tourists to participate in the holiday season; with glittering lights and a family-oriented atmosphere, you are sure to find some holiday cheer.
For those patrons who come to Savannah, Georgia, the wondrous culturally-significant heritage and history of the area is a big part of the reason they wish to come in the first place.

Savannah is a place that bleeds history, and nowhere is this made more apparent than at Davenport House.  At once a home and a museum in its own right, Davenport House is an immaculately preserved and restored colonial home, existing exactly now as it did when built by Isaiah Davenport in 1820. Here you can see all manner of architectural stylings that were never to be seen again after the Federal style of old world Georgia faded into obscurity. You can also get a real feel for how life was in that era thanks to period costumes, authentic furnishings, andcompletely equipped rooms featuring the exact kinds of accoutrements, decorum, and antiquated woodworks that would have been found in a family home during the 1820s. This is a real taste of colonial life you won't find anywhere else.

Davenport House isn't all about history, though. It's also a great chance to just enjoy the immense natural scenic wonders that Georgia is famed for . After you finish looking at all the extravagance of the house and museum, feel free to take a stroll in the garden outside. It's an elaborately decorated courtyard garden in period style, designed by one of the most renowned horticulturists of the age. One of the crown jewels of Georgia, the Davenport House at Savannah is a real treat for any traveler and something you can't afford to pass by.

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