Girl Scout First Headquarters in Savannah, GA

330 Drayton St Savannah, GA 31401
The following tours go by Girl Scout First Headquarters in Savannah, GA:
2 Hours Savannah Architectural Tour Photo
4/15/2024 - 3/31/2025
Get ready for a fantastic journey through the ages with the Savannah Architectural Tour!
You've probably indulged in a box of delicious cookies from a girl scout, but you might not know the history and origin story of the organization.

Visit the Girl Scout First Headquarters in Savannah, GA to find out about the historical backdrop of the gathering while at the same time tasting a couple of tests too. This is a fascination for them to visit or for young ladies who may appreciate seeing a portion of the objectives and caprice that is associated with the association.

The home office is the place the main gathering was held of an excinting troop gathering. This is a little area, however there is a plenitude of data on display. While there you can see a considerable lot of the more seasoned regalia and read about the ladies who assisted with making Girl Scouts. There is a blessing shop in the exhibition hall where you can buy books, shirts and treats. Something to remember about the historical center is that it just requires some investment to stroll through. This is an advantage for enormous gatherings, yet it may imply that you have to discover another thing to do on the off chance that you are going as a family. There are individuals from the staff who can stroll around the house with you to give data about the history.

While in Savannah, stop by the Girl Scout First Head quarters to see a portion of the garbs and different things that have helped make the association what it is today. It is situated behind the Andrew Low House, another chronicled exhibition hall in the territory. This is an enjoyment trip for the individuals who are as of now in Girl Scouts so they can learn together. 

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