Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant in Savannah, GA

201 E River St Savannah, GA 31401
The Cotton Exchange Tavern & Restaurant serves steak, seafood, and Southern dishes in an old cotton warehouse. The tavern is located along the beautiful River Street in Savannah. Locals and tourists alike frequent this beloved establishment.

This cozy little restaurant offers up great food and a pleasant atmosphere for everyone who comes in side. The service is impeccable and the food as is excellent as well, especially the crab chowder. Be sure to get seated upstairs so that you can relax, enjoy your meal, and watch the ships go by outside the window.

Aside from offering great food and service the Cotton Exchange is supposedly home to a bit of paranormal activity. Staff have reported several interesting happenings during their time working at the restaurant. From small things like the smell of coffee when none is brewing or the volume inexplicably changing on the speakers to the more extreme, like a staff member being hit with a loaf of bread! Is the restaurant haunted, or is it all just coincidence? Make your way over to the bar, grab a drink, and talk to beloved bartender "Mean Jean" to find out.

The only thing that might beat the food at this superb eatery is the service you will receive. If you are hungry after talking a stroll through Forsyth Park the Cotton Exchange has the heaping portions to fill your stomach. You may just even see a ghost!

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