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Emmet Park in Savannah, GA

4089 E Bay St Savannah, GA 31401
The following tours go by Emmet Park:
Irish History of Savannah Photo
5/27/2024 - 4/28/2025
Looking to get in touch with your Irish roots?
Private Savannah Driving Tour Photo
5/24/2024 - 4/28/2025
Welcome aboard the Private Savannah Driving Tour, a personal and immersive experience set amidst the charming and historic backdrop of Savannah, GA.
Proudly titled for Ireland's beloved orator Robert Emmet, the park houses the Old City Exchange Bell and a vast multitude of memorials and monuments, including the Irish Monument, Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, and Hussars' Memorial. Emmet Park remains a significant center for ceremonial congregations for Savannah inhabitants of Irish descent. 

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