Peace Garden at Harrisburg's Riverfront Park near Hershey, PA

Eastern bank of Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, , PA 17103
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The Peace Garden at Harrisburg's Riverfront Park near Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The riverfront park is four miles long and follows the Susquehanna River. The park is popular for cycling, fishing, picnicking, rollerblading and walking. The park was developed in the early 20th century as part of Harrisburg's city beautification movement called the City Beautiful Movement.

The riverfront walk is paved and also includes several yards of grass. It offers a lovely view of islands on the opposite sure. The park follows a steep bank and is also full of sculptures and monuments. A section of the park that visitors like to see is a Sunken Garden and a professionally designed floral and rock Peace Garden.

The park was presented and dedicated in 1993 thanks to the Physicians for Social Responsibility. The goal of the garden is to 'inspire the pursuit of peace and the preservation of the earth.'

The Peace Garden at Harrisburg's Riverfront Park has a stunning collection of sculptures, rocks, flowers and trees. Three statues are especially notable. They are the ones that were completed by Dr. Frederick Franck and include 'Hiroshima — The Unkillable Human,' 'Death and Transfiguration,' and 'Seven Generations.'

Near the Peace Garden are many benches that invite visitors to lounge around, relax, and enjoy the tranquility given off by the garden. Picnic tables are available for those who would like to enjoy a relaxing meal in the area.

The Peace Garden has a well-groomed topiary and is close to the Susquehanna River. Visitors to the Peace Garden will also get a chance to see some wildfowl like egrets and ducks. Other river animals, like fish, can also be seen.

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