Harbour Town Lighthouse and Museum near Savannah GA

264 E Broad St Savannah, GA 31401
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Historic Savannah Cruise Photo
4/15/2024 - 3/30/2025
The Historic Savannah River Cruise offers an enchanting escape into a new era in Savannah, Georgia.
The Harbor Town Lighthouse and Museum, a beacon of attraction located on Hilton Head Island just a short drive from Savannah, Georgia, is undoubtedly an architectural masterpiece and a captivating historical landmark.

Standing with red-and-white-stripes majesty, the lighthouse, an emblematic image of the Low Country, is not only a navigational aid for mariners but doubles as a prodigious museum, presenting a unique blend of history, culture, and breathtaking scenery. Its location within the beautiful Sea Pines Resort makes it an ideal destination for tourists aiming for an enriching and adventurous holiday.

Tracing back to 1970, the Harbor Town Lighthouse, the brainchild of Charles Fraser, came into existence. Though initially met with skepticism, his idea to develop a privately funded lighthouse evolved into the iconic 90-foot structure we see today, serving as a testament to Fraser's innovative urban development strategies. Despite its relatively recent construction compared to typical historic lighthouses, it has showcased an unyielding presence, withstanding the harsh tests of time and weather. The vicinity surrounding the lighthouse stretches approximately 5,000 acres, encapsulating scenic golf courses, tranquil beaches, and inspired settings for recreation and relaxation.

Ascending the Harbor Town Lighthouse rewards visitors with an unfolding narrative of local maritime history, depicted through intriguing exhibits on each level. Photographs, maps, and artifacts tell a compelling story of the island and the lighthouse, rekindling memories of a bygone era. The journey to the top leads to a captivating scenery of Calibogue Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, and Daufuskie Island, leaving visitors mesmerized. Besides, the Harbor Town Lighthouse is renowned for overlooking one of the nation's premier golf courses where the annual RBC Heritage PGA Tour event crowns its champion on no. 18 green, an unforgettable spectacle to watch.

The iconic Harbor Town Marina, known for its signature red-and-white candy stripe, affords visitors an opportunity to embark on laid-back strolls along the yacht basin, shop at trendy boutiques, or indulge in delightful dining at waterfront restaurants. The marina bustles with an array of maritime activities inclusive of kayaking, parasailing, paddle boarding, and charter fishing, thus offering a myriad of entertainment options for marine aficionados and adventure seekers alike.

In concluding, the Harbor Town Lighthouse and Museum is more than just an attractive structure on the island's skyline. It stands as a symbol of Low Country resilience, a lighthouse of history, a scenic viewing deck, and a hub of entertainment and adventures in marine life. Its fusion of natural beauty, historical exposition, and recreational activities makes it a must-visit landmark for those exploring Savannah and its vicinity. Whether you're a history buff, an avid golfer, a water sports enthusiast, or a devotee of breathtaking vistas, a visit to the Harbor Town Lighthouse will undoubtedly engrave an indelible memory in your travel diary.

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