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LeMieux Galleries in New Orleans, LA

332 Julia St. New Orleans, LA 70130
LeMieux Galleries is situated at Julia Street.

The gallery center was opened in 1983, to unite the seasonal gatherers and the emerging art artists. It also aimed at uniting the dedicated artists in the Gulf South. LeMieux Galleries displays exhibitions of the most amazing work done by artists.

The gallery center made to notice a show for exhibiting artistic work by artists like Sean O'Meallie, Nathan Durfee and David Lambert. The event started with a customer service introduction for the invited artists. Among the display, items were drawn underwater work by Margaret Tolbert, whose work entails paintings created using the freshwater obtained from the Florida springs. The artwork is established using a light impression together with color. Her work gives you an experience of the configuration colors from the lens of water of surface in her work area.

The galleries also display the wood and water work of Nathan Durfee. The artwork contains collections of his new painting work — the paintings made of wild woods together with water createdpaint9ngs that would make you have a dream experience. The art painting work also gives you an adventure of diverse narratives of the setup.

You will have a great experience when you visit LeMieux Galleries. If you are visiting to gather information or you are an artist, you will enjoy the exhibitions in the area. You will also explore the artwork of great artists from Florida and Louisiana. At the gallery center, you will also get the opportunity to view the masterpiece arts of Paul Ninas, artists from New Orleans. The LeMieux Galleries is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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