The Amish Experience Theater & Country Homestead & Schoolhouse Combo Tour

The Amish Experience Theater & Country Homestead & Schoolhouse Combo Tour

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The Amish Experience Theater & Country Homestead & Schoolhouse Combo Tour, Amish family
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Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind and experience a simpler way of living with the Amish Experience Theater & Country Homestead Combo Tour!

Lancaster, Pennsylvania has become known for the Amish settlements that make up what is called Amish Country and anyone who visits here realizes that there certainly is something special about it. The Amish Experience is the county's largest touring center, and offers visitors a glimpse into a simpler life. The Amish Experience has several things to do and see, but two of the main attractions are the Homestead Tour and the F/X Theater.

At the F/X Theater, you are surrounded by amazing sound, five screens, lighting and special effects: it is one of only three theaters like it in North America.

'Jacob's Choice,' the currently running show at the F/X Theater, is a story about an Old Order Amish family and their lives & struggles. Then, you can take the Homestead Tour, which takes you into the home of the family you met during 'Jacob's Choice.' The home is a Lancaster County Heritage Site, and as you tour it you can learn about the day-to-day lives of an Amish family. Maybe you will learn a few ways to simplify your own life and achieve the relaxed and disciplined lifestyle of the Amish.

At the homestead, you’ll learn about the traditions of Amish folk, including common practices and their simple way of life. You’ll also get to see the One-Room School house where authentic desks will give you a feel for what learning is like when grades 1-8 are taught together in one room. Ask your guide anything you’ve been wondering about the Amish lifestyle during this unique learning experience.

This is an official Lancaster County Heritage site and is sure to delight each member of the family. As the experience draws to a close, families walk away with a new appreciation for life and one or two ways to incorporate slower paced activities into busy days. 

4.4 Star Rating4.4 Star Rating4.4 Star Rating4.4 Star Rating4.4 Star Rating 4.4   |    42 reviews
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Elise Schweickhard
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
Loved everything about this amish experience!The film,jacobs choice,gave an inside look into the life of an amish family & the human decisions that they are faced with.It also gave a historical back round ,which was very interesting.The film was shown in a barn setting,which also added to the experience.The film was then followed by a guided tour of the actual homestead.The tour guide was very informative.I suggest this experience to anyone!It really makes you think about the world we live in.There was also a fantastic gift shop on the premises,along with a couple amish-run stores.We also ate at the restaurant on the premises.If you decide to eat there,choose the family style sit down meal over choosing the menu.You'll be able to try all the varieties of food and will meet some really interesting people.We ended up with some new friends.There is also a buggy ride available on the premises.That was also a worthwhile trip.It took you right onto an amish farm.Let's me just put it this way,we were thinking we would be done with this experience in a couple hours.Well,we were there for 6 hours!We don't regret a thing!
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Jen Loscomb
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
This tour was very enjoyable and the movie was really educational. I knew that amish teens could go out in the world, but not for that long. The only way it would have been better is that if the homestead tour had been of an actual amish home and school. It was really nice, too, that you could catch a buggy tour right down the street and our guide was very knowledgeable. I would definitely go here again!
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Deb Lennex
Verified Traveler
4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
The entire tour was very educational. Our tour guide was great! Those straight back bench seats in the theater gotta go! You are sitting on a downward angle with no place for your body to go. I felt very uncomfortable!
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Jane Moyle
St George, UT
Verified Traveler
3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating
Looks like, and feels like, a tourist trap and it does have all the requirements. Large gift shop, crowded restaurant, etc. But, the film and tour of the house and school are both informative and well done. If you want to know more about the amish, this would be the place.
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