Saloon No. 10 in Deadwood, SD

657 Main St Deadwood, SD 57732
Wild Bill Hickock was put out of commission in historic Saloon No.1

10 of Deadwood, South Dakota. That seems initially negative until one realizes the bar is still in successful operation and has been a hundred years. Of course, that does not mean the same tables and chairs, taps and beers that were around in Bill's time are there today. While retaining the historical feel, Saloon No.10 of Deadwood has undergone complete modern refurbishment. But it still retains that wild west feel that makes it famous, allowing clients to enjoy the mystique of antiquity in the comfort of modernity.

Besides having regular specials and top quality service--which is to be expected after 100 years of operation!--Saloon No.10 is located in the heart of Deadwood, a town noted for its attraction to tourists nationwide. Deadwood is in the Black Hills of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. It's right near Custer, where the infamous military man took his last stand, and the iconic scenery of the Black Hills is almost as cathartic as his final moments must have been. Besides which, Deadwood is ideally located for excursions to nationwide attractions like Mount Rushmore, or Crazy Horse.

So there are options for all the family in Deadwood; Saloon No.10 is merely the tip of the iceberg. And they have an excellent menu, so during the day the family is in good shape. Next time you're in Deadwood, don't forget to check out Saloon No.10, where Wild Bill Hickock kicked off to the next realm. It's a perfect place to relax and take in a part of the world that knows it's history. Check out historic Saloon No.10!

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