Grand Canyon Rail Station
Gran Canyon Railway

Grand Canyon Railway near Grand Canyon National Park

The rustic Old West comes alive in the Grand Canyon Railway! With its distinctive old-school locomotive and luxurious accommodations, this train stands ready to take its passengers on a wonderful present-day adventure while still journeying through time.

The Grand Canyon Railway travels to and from the Grand Canyon National Park daily, but also has stops in areas including Williams. Several round trips are made daily.

The railway boasts a long and interesting history. After its introduction in 1901, this train had a strong presence in the lives of early settlers. It also played a strong role in the boom of housing and population growth as settlers moved West to establish homesteads, and still allows for an outstanding view of some of Arizona's finest forests, caves and canyons.

The train has a variety of rates to accommodate any budget and also to provide the best possible experience for visitors, whether they are seeking a quiet nature viewing or a family adventure. There are also tours available in select levels of the train's cars, as well as live entertainment such as singers and storytellers. Furthermore, the train is an easy way to navigate to some notable historical sites, including various train depots and areas where 'the West was won.'

Natives and tourists alike have agreed that the Grand Canyon Railway is not to be missed. This solid, all-American locomotive and friendly tour guides will help make anyone's journey from past to future a memorable and fun occasion.

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