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Eureka Springs Weather Info


Weather in Eureka Springs, AR offers the best of each of the four seasons; temperatures and rainfall are usually mild matter year-round.  No matter what time of year visitors find themselves in this quaint Arkansas town, they are sure to enjoy delightful aspects of each season.


Autumn in Eureka Springs


One highlight of weather in Eureka Springs is fall, bringing cooler air, crisp blue skies, and vivid fall foliage in the trees.  Temperatures during fall afternoons can reach the mid 80s, while nighttime brings lows between 36 and 58 degrees.  For visitors seeking outdoor activities and recreation, fall is one of the ideal times of year.  Be sure to bring along a light jacket for hayrides, picnics and fall foliage tours!


Winter in Eureka Springs


Temperatures cool off somewhat during winter months in Eureka Springs.  Although lows rarely fall below freezing, there are a few nights when nighttime temperatures will reach the upper 20s.  Daytime winter temperatures can be as high as the low 50s; daytime highs are commonly in the mid to upper 40s during December, January and February.  Though snow is rare, it does fall occasionally — be sure to enjoy it while it lasts, though, since snow in Eureka Springs is short-lived!  Light winter jackets are ideal for going out on the town, as are mittens for Christmas shopping.


Spring in Eureka Springs


Spring brings very pleasant temperatures in the 60s and 70s, as well as green spring grass and colorful flowers all across town.  April and May bring some of the best weather for visitors — perfect for strolling downtown and browsing the shops!   Be sure to pack your shorts and t-shirts, as well as a light jacket, wrap, or cover-up.


Summer in Eureka Springs


Summer is equally agreeable, with highs in the mid 80s to low 90s.  July and August are the warmest months, when daytime temperatures frequently reach the lower 90s.  June is also the rainiest month of the year, with around 5" of precipitation, so an umbrella is a good packing choice.  However, be sure to bring sunglasses and sunblock for those many sunny summer days!


When you are ready to pack for your visit to Eureka Springs, be sure to visit our current weather forecast page for Eureka Springs.

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