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Just about any time of year is a good time to visit New Orleans. An average day in New Orleans brings a mean temperature of about 70 degrees, but there are always some twists and turns - temperature changes frequently occur throughout the day. It can be rainy and cool one day and hot and humid the next. Make sure when choosing your lodging accommodations that you plan ahead for the weather if you're looking to enjoy an outdoor pool. The region's weather hinges significantly on the amount of rainfall and whether it is sunny or cloudy. So be sure to keep an eye on the weather when you plan your activities and attractions when staying in the beautiful city of New Orleans.

Spring and Fall in New Orleans

Many travelers favor the spring and fall months for the most pleasant and moderate temperatures. Spring temperatures typically range between average highs around 76 degrees and lows of about 57 degrees. In the fall, daily temperatures average between 58 degrees and 76 degrees. Monthly precipitation averages about five inches in the spring and about four and a half inches during the fall. Layering clothing to be prepared for the range in temperatures during these seasons is a good idea.

Summer in New Orleans

The intensity of summer hits in July and August, so if you visit then, be prepared. The heat and humidity will necessitate shorts, t-shirts and other light and comfortable clothing. Temperatures can reach 90 degrees or above and humidity can peak at 66 percent or more, with occasional relief provided by the rain, which averages about six inches per month. Pace yourself in planning your schedule during these months to avoid the heat's tiring effects.

Winter in New Orleans

The city's winters are revered as quite mild, although an occasional temperature drop below the freezing point is not unheard of. High temperatures during this season average about 65 degrees, with average lows at about 46 degrees. Winter can also bring quite a bit of rain, with monthly precipitation averaging around five inches.

Sudden and sometimes heavy rain showers are common all year round. Rain does provide temporary relief from the heat during the dead of summer, but it also means that having rain gear handy is always a necessity. For current forecasts and conditions, check out our New Orleans weather page.

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