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New Orleans, LA Plantation Tours

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For a historical adventure in Louisana, check out the fabulous plantation tours. These fun activities have tour options where you will find a wide range of plantation-themed tours that can provide everything from a basic overview to an immersive look at particular plantations. Make your stay in Louisana a fun and exciting adventure.

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New Orleans Plantation Tours

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In the Swamp on the Destrehan Plantation & Airboat Swamp Half Day Tour
The Destrehan Plantation and Airboat Swamp Half Day Tour are just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a fascinating plantation tour. Guests will first see the Destrehan Plantation and all of its rich history; they will then take an airboat ride along the swamplands of Louisiana. The area of Louisiana guests will be in is the area known for its Bayous. Guests should bring their cameras along for the adventure; there will be plenty of opportunities to record this trip. The airboat ride is not for pregnant women and children who are five years or younger. Guests can expect to spend five-and-a-half hours while on this half-day trip. They should wear comfortable, outdoor clothing; guests might get a little wet during the airboat ride.
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Entrance on the Grand Tour with 2 Plantations & Airboat Swamp Tour
Those taking the Grand Tour with Two Plantations and Airboat Swamp Tour will have a fascinating time. There will a guided plantation tour of the Laura Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation. Also, at Oak Alley Plantation, guests can expect to have lunch. The airboat ride will take guests through the swamplands of New Orleans. It is a tour that is rich in history; guests should expect to hear about the slavery that took place at both plantations. While on the trip, guests might want to take a photograph to capture the moment in time; cameras are acceptable on this tour. The airboats are small; they accommodate only six to thirteen guests. The US Coast Guard has certified the captain of the airboat.
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Entrance on the Grand Tour with 2 Plantations & Pontoon Boat Cajun Bayou Tour
The Grand Tour with Two Plantations and Pontoon Boat Cajun Bayou Tour is an excellent adventure for everyone. Guests can expect to learn about the history and culture of the Great South in the United States; they will learn of slavery and many other historical facts about New Orleans, Louisiana. Guests touring the Laura Plantation will have the opportunity to enter one or all of the twelve preserved historical buildings on the plantation tour. The Oak Alley Plantation has twenty-eight enormous oak trees lining it. Guests will find the walk beneath these trees to be serene. It is an adventurous nine-hour day. Guests will eat lunch while on tour; lunch is part of the trip. It will be at the Oak Alley Plantation.
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Laura & St. Joseph Plantation Tour
Take a plantation tour of Laura & St Joseph Plantations with this activity. During this experience, you will learn the extensive histories of both of these plantations which shaped New Orleans history.
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Laura Plantation Bus Tour
While passengers are on a large bus taking a plantation tour of the Laura Plantation, they will learn about the history of the area and the people who worked there. This is a tour that offers a look at how sugarcane farmers once lived on plantations and helped to sell sugarcane and other crops that were gathered. Passengers will learn about Laura Gore and her experience as a Creole along with what her family endured while living on the plantation. Guests will be able to tour the basement area of the home as well as the common rooms and kitchen before viewing the swamp near the property.
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Oak Alley Plantation & Swamp Tours
New Orleans is a city rich in the history of the old South, and perhaps one place that illustrates this beautifully in the Oak Alley Plantation. Built-in the late 1930s offers a unique way to grasp the history and culture of the area. On the one hour plantation tour of this amazing plantation guests will be guided around the grounds vast grounds that feature gorgeous landscape that includes 28 majestic oak trees. The tour also includes seeing the quarters in which slaves would reside who worked the sugar cane fields and a tour of the main house. From here individuals can take the scenic swamp tour which tours the bayou inside a boat to see the wildlife and various plant life that calls this place home.
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Steamboat Natchez
Savor the beauty and romance with a Louisana attraction for couples by taking a dinner cruise journey back in time aboard the authentic New Orleans Stern Wheeler, the Steamboat Natchez.
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Bowls on the Whitney & St. Joseph Plantations Bus Tour
The Whitney & St. Joseph Plantations Bus Tour takes passengers to view some of the oldest plantations in New Orleans. Guests have an opportunity to explore the property of each plantation and talk to a plantation tour guide about what life was like working and caring for the property. While at St. Joseph, guests will discover that it's a working plantation as there are still people who live and work in the home. Some of the residents dress in period clothing to make the tour as realistic as possible. The Whitney Plantation was once known for its sugar cane crops. Guests will also learn about slavery when the plantation was operational.
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