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Enjoy a whole new adventurous activity and perspective on New Orleans, Louisiana with walking tours through the historic areas of this famed city. When staying in New Orleans, check out The Cemetery & Gris Gris Walking Tour and the French Quarter Walking Tour to provide an insight into the city that you just can't miss!

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New Orleans Walking Tours

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Cemetery & Voodoo Walking Tour
Cemetery & Voodoo Walking Tour     3.7 Star Rating3.7 Star Rating3.7 Star Rating3.7 Star Rating3.7 Star Rating
I was amazed at the Cemetery and Voodoo Walking Tour in New Orleans. The Tour centers around the 200 year old St. Louis Cemetery No.1. Which is a legend in New Orleans history and the Voodoo culture. It is home to a very famous Voodoo Queen. The Cemetery Tour will include local history and information not commonly known outside of New Orleans. Many fascinating facts and information is revealed about the Voodoo Queen, and many other notable New Orleans characters. Transportation to and from the cemetery is provided by an air conditioned shuttle. I enjoyed the Spooky history of New Orleans cemeteries and Voodoo Queens. I was amazed at all the history New Orleans has to offer.
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French Quarter Walking Tour
Sure you can walk around the French Quarter and find some pretty cool historical facts about the place but why not take a walking tour and find out all the real secrets the city has to offer. On this tour, you will hit the major landmarks and learn what makes them so mysterious with facts that you might not find in a book. This tour is fun and informative for the whole family and will provide a new perspective on the French Quarter. So, make a stop and learn something new about a French Quarter and take in the fantastic architecture that will leave you in amazement.
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Garden District Walking Tour
All of your senses will be awakened by the wondrous smells of dew and the sweet sunshine in the air.As you continue to walk your eyes will be amazed by the site of bright red and pink flowers.The feel of the wind kissing your cheek and a warm hug from the sun keep you moving down the walk way to discover more of mother nature’s wonders. Come walk with us on our beloved walking tour discover our beautiful trails.
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Steamboat Natchez
Steamboat Natchez     3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating3.5 Star Rating
Savor the beauty and romance with a Louisana attraction for couples by taking a dinner cruise journey back in time aboard the authentic New Orleans Stern Wheeler, the Steamboat Natchez.
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