Coors Belle Brewery Tour in Memphis, TN

515 East Raines Road
Modeled after the majestic riverboats that have traversed the nearby Mississippi River for more than a century, the Coors Belle offers guests a tour and sample of the Coors products brewed in Memphis.

The Memphis facility average the packaging of 2 million of gallons each week, and brews favorites such as Killian's Irish Honey Ale, Blue Moon, ZIMA, and more.

In the riverboat-inspired Coors Belle hospitality building, guests can enjoy a half hour tour that offers a look at how the concoctions are made, as well as providing information about Coors products and company history. In addition, free samples will be offered after the tour, so guests 21 and over can enjoy some of the delicious brews at the Coors Belle Brewery Tour!

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