Mackinac Island Weekend Getaway Package

Set out to forget your stresses and relax in the beautiful Mackinac Island with this Mackinac Island Weekend Getaway Package, featuring two nights of lodging and the Grand Hotel Luncheon Buffet and Self-Guided Tour.

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2 Nights' Lodging 2 Nights' Lodging in your choice of over 14 hotels.
Mackinac Island Carriage Tour Mackinac Island Carriage Tour
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Mackinac Island is a historic place that has drawn many visitors since the 1800s. The historic side of the island is home to Victorian-era mansions, lighthouses, museums detailing the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, and gorgeous Lake Huron views. As well as offering a chance to step back in time, guests can take advantage of great shopping, dining, and activities to keep them entertained. 

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Sightseeing is a huge part of what makes Mackinac Island so charming. Since motor vehicles are not typically allowed on the island, you can feel the historic magic as you roll down the paved streets on a Carriage Tour in the area. As well as carriage tours, Mackinac Island also offers other ways to experience the island, with the beautiful State Park and points of interest such as Whitefish Point and its historic lighthouse. 

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About the Mackinac Island Weekend Getaway Package

Escape the stresses of your every day life to experience a fun weekend getaway in the beautiful Mackinac Island. This great package includes two nights of lodging as well as the Mackinac Island Carriage Tour.

About the Included Mackinac Island Carriage Tour
Take a fun horse-drawn carriage ride the next time you visit Mackinac Island! This is the perfect way to get out and experience Mackinac Island's finest landmarks, from historic sites like Fort Mackinac to its splendid downtown scene. 

About the Included Lodging
This inclusive package allows you and your crew to stay for two nights at your choice of lodging in the area. The two night stay will allow plenty of time for the Luncheon Buffet, a casual tour of the historic Grand Hotel, and some relaxation on the world's longest front porch!

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Whether you're interested in the history of the area, enticed by the beautiful landscape or simply looking for a great afternoon of sightseeing, the Mackinac Island Weekend Getaway Package is a great investment. With lodging and admission to the Mackinac Carriage Tour, it doesn't get any better than a weekend getaway in Mackinac Island! 

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