Lititz Springs Park near Lancaster, PA

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Lititz Springs Park near Lancaster, PA is a non-profit organization that is maintained through the help of volunteer workers, the board of trustees as well as the rental of the park facilities.

The only fund raisers that take place to help keep the park going are the annual antique shows and the 4th of July celebration each year.

Lititz Springs Park has been around for well over 250 years. Originally, and for over 200 years, it was maintained by the Lititz Moravian Church. They always saw to it that the park was kept open to the public, until the maintenance became too much for them. It then went to the hands of 12 board of trustees, who took over the responsibility of keeping up this beautiful centerpiece of Lititz.

Lititz Springs Park was started and lived on by Native Americans many centuries ago on seven acres of land. The park was used for the first time for pleasure in 1778 when Tobias Hirte, a music teacher, and a group of musicians gave concerts each night. A few years later, a group of the townspeople got together to discuss using this park for entertainment purposes. In 1856, it was dedicated as the town park, a place where people could come and meet.

Soon picnics and outings were taking place in the Lititz Springs Park, with all the townspeople being involved. It became a place for musical events, beautiful summer activities, the annual Christmas Nativity Scene as well as the lighting of the Community Christmas Tree. Through the years, the park has received so much improvement, that it is now a place of beauty.

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