Spotlight: The Amish Experience Theater and Country Homestead Tour

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If you feel like having a break from the stressful noise of modern life, you will thoroughly enjoy the Amish Experience Theater and Country Homestead Tour combination. It takes a look back to a gentler time when day-to-day life was a lot simpler. This region of Pennsylvania is well known for its Amish settlements and the area has a very special feel to it with the stunning scenery.

FX Theatre and Homestead Tour

There are lots of things to see and do, but the two attractions that shouldn't' be missed are the F/X Theater and the Homestead Tour. The F/X Theatre is one of just three in the United States and is made up of five huge screens and an incredible sound system combined with special effects and lighting. The presentation here tells the story of an Amish family and their struggles in everyday life, while the Homestead Tour takes you directly into the home of an Amish family and is a great way to learn about day-to-day life. Visitors can gain real insight into Amish ways which may seem quite disciplined when compared with their own, but can perhaps offer more freedom than modern living. Visitors should probably allow an afternoon to take in this attraction, as the Homestead tour lasts about 45 minutes. It's a fascinating glimpse into a very different lifestyle and you will get to see a washing machine, a sewing machine and kitchen appliances that can be operated without electricity. You will also get to see the clothes that are typically worn by the Amish and will learn what they symbolize.

Mini-Bus Tour

You can also choose to tour the Amish farmlands in the air-conditioned comfort of a 14 passenger minibus. This excursion takes 90 minutes and you will get to see the one-room schoolhouse, the bake shops, and the quilting and craft shops.

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