A young woman wearing headphones is focused on her phone in the foreground, with the iconic Mount Rushmore National Memorial visible in the background.
The image shows the iconic Mount Rushmore National Memorial with the carved faces of four American presidents set against a clear blue sky.
The image shows a part of the entrance to the Mount Rushmore National Memorial with golden sunlight illuminating the stone facade and the text MOUNT RUSHMORE NATIONAL MEMORIAL prominently displayed.

The Presidential Trail near Mount Rushmore, SD

Highway 244 Mount Rushmore Unorganized Territory, SD 57751
The following tours visit Presidential Trail near Mount Rushmore, SD:
Mount Rushmore Self Guided Walking Audio Tour Photo
4/25/2024 - 3/31/2025
Discover an infusion of history, culture, and nature with the Mount Rushmore Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour in the Greater Mount Rushmore Area, South Dakota.
See the famed Memorial of Mount Rushmore up close and personal on this easy-to-follow, 'board-walk' type 1/2 mile trail, containing individual view points, with explained facts about each president.

Visitors of this trail rave about the numerous vantage points in which to view the presidents up-close, in many cases, standing right under their noses. The trail is comprised of two sides, one of which has many steps. The other side is wheel-chair accessible and also recommended for small children.

The trail is something you and your family definitely don't want to miss if you've ever wanted to get 'nose-to-nose' with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, or Theodore Roosevelt!

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