Historical Charleston Tour with Optional Joseph Manigault House Visit

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Historical Charleston Tour with Optional Joseph Manigault House Visit
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Historical Charleston Tour with Optional Joseph Manigault House Visit
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Historical Charleston Tour with Optional Joseph Manigault House Visit Photos (18)

Winding through the heart of Charleston's historic district, the Historical Charleston Tour offers an immersive journey back in time with the chance to add an optional visit to the mesmerizing Joseph Manigault House. This delightful experience delivers the perfect mix of history, architecturally stunning homes, cobblestone streets, and perfectly manicured gardens that this quintessentially Southern city is renowned for. Embark on a guided journey to discover Charleston's unique past in a comfortable, climate-controlled motorcoach, sure to provide the perfect blend of comfort and information.

As you settle into your seat, prepare yourself for a scenic drive through the city known as the 'Holy City,' due to its numerous church steeples piercing the skyline. Typically, the tour lasts around 90 minutes - a perfect slice of time to immerse yourself in the storied past of this remarkable city without it feeling overwhelming. As the motorcoach weaves its way down lively, historic streets, be prepared to absorb the details your knowledgeable guide provides regarding the architecture, culture, and historical events that shaped Charleston. Factors to note, wearing comfortable attire is recommended and don't forget your camera.

Our journey will take us through key areas such as Rainbow Row, a series of thirteen historic houses painted in striking pastel colors, the Battery, a landmark defensive seawall and promenade, as well as renowned Charleston Harbor. Optionally, you also get the chance to explore the Joseph Manigault House, a Federal-style mansion offering a glimpse into life in the 1800s and the family who once inhabited this opulent residence. The Manigault House, deemed a National Historic Landmark, features period furniture and an English-inspired Gate Temple, showcasing Charleston's architectural evolution.

The Historical Charleston Tour traces its roots back to the city's earliest days, offering captivating glimpses into Charleston's evolution from colonial times, through the tumultuous Civil War era, to the present-day renaissance. Known for the rich tapestry of history it unfolds, the stories of Charleston come alive during this journey. By opting for the additional Joseph Manigault House visit, you would be stepping into a house filled with tales spun over centuries.

 Stop at  Aiken-Rhett House
Discover the grandeur of yesteryear at the Aiken-Rhett House, an authentically preserved antebellum mansion nestled in the heart of Charleston. Get lost in time as you explore the mansion’s stunningly preserved interiors, its well-maintained outbuildings, and the compelling narratives that paint a vivid portrait of the 19th-century South. A visit to the Aiken-Rhett House is an unforgettable journey into America's intriguing past.
 Pass By  Battery & White Point Gardens
Unfolding across the charming cityscape of Charleston is Battery & White Point Gardens, a beautiful setting tinged with tales of the city's formative years. The site's historic significance and sublime beauty are bound to leave you speechyless.
 Stop at  Charleston City Market
The Charleston City Market is more than a market; it's a social event. Covered in history and teeming with vibrant energy, this place is as much about community gathering as it is about commerce.
 Stop at  Charleston Visitor Center
Begin your Charleston journey with a meaningful stop at the Charleston Visitor Center - the touchstone for over 350 years of history elegantly wrapped in southern charm.
 Pass By  Colonial Lake
Escape to Colonial Lake, Charleston’s picturesque oasis nestled in the heart of the city. Breathe in serene tranquility as you circle the reflective water, dappled with the colors of lush green life and the ever-changing sky. Meet history, culture, and natural beauty in this cherished local gem. A sojourn here will add magic to your Charleston memories.
 Pass By  Four Corners of Law
Immerse yourself in history and culture at Charleston's Four Corners of Law. This prominent intersection features stunning architectural gems from different eras, each exemplifying components of federal, state, local, and ecclesiastical law. Here, picturesque buildings stand as potent symbols of power and justice. As you explore, you'll traverse cobblestone streets, witness cannonball scars, and relish the indomitable spirit of Charleston, the quintessence of Southern charm.
 Pass By  Gray Line of Charleston
Step aboard Gray Line of Charleston for an unforgettable exploration of this timeless city. Sit back as expert guides transport you through lush gardens, neo-Gothic churches, and past beautifully preserved antebellum mansions. Immerse yourself in the inspiring stories and picturesque views that have earned Charleston its place as one of America's most beloved destinations.
 Stop at  Joseph Manigault House
Experience a voyage into the past at the Joseph Manigault House, the jewel of Charleston. This majestic, 19th-century, Federal-style mansion, maintained by the Charleston Museum, is adorned with beautiful ornamental gardens. It tells the tale of southern aristocracy, offering glimpses of an opulent bygone era, with its grand architecture, antique furnishings, and captivating history. It's Charleston's classic treasure, not to be missed.
 Stop at  Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon
The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, Charleston SC, is more than an architectural jewel. Its prisoners tell tales of piracy, rebellion, and the struggle for freedom, demanding your awe and respect. A not-to-miss American tale.
 Pass By  Rainbow Row
Bursting with history and culture, the iconic Rainbow Row is a cornerstone of Charleston's architectural heritage. Its pastel-hued houses mirror the city's vibrant personality.
 Pass By  St. Philip's Church
Quietly standing tall amidst Charleston's bustle, St. Philip's Church invites exploration into a bygone era. The combination of classic architecture and its historic cemetery present a compelling snapshot of South Carolina's vibrant past.
 Stop at  The Charleston Museum
Unearth the complex history of the South Carolina Lowcountry at The Charleston Museum. Discover fascinating exhibitions ranging from the prehistoric era to the colonial, antebellum periods, all housed within an iconic, antique building. Be captivated by locally-found fossil specimens, centuries-old fashion pieces, and vital snippets of the Civil War.

As the Historical Charleston Tour winds to a close, it leaves you implanted with vivid memories of Charleston's dramatic past, architectural wonders, and the determined character of its people. This well-paced, enriching tour offers a deep understanding of Charleston's heart, soul, and grit and is an excellent addition to any visit to the city. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover Charleston's deeply embedded history with seasoned professionals leading the way, ensuring that your tour is both enlightening and enjoyable. Firmly stamp your visit to Charleston with a rich immersion into its storied past with the Historical Charleston Tour - truly a journey worth embarking on.

90-Minute Charleston City Sightseeing Bus Tour
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Tour & Joseph Manigault Combo: UPGRADE: This is the Historical Sightseeing Bus Tour with Admission included to the Joseph Manigault House.

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