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Jack Daniel Distillery near Nashville, TN

3310 W End Ave, Nashville, , TN 37203
The Jack Daniel Distillery near Nashville, TN is the oldest distillery in the world and is where the famous and ever-popular Old No. 7 was made and where all the Jack Daniel whiskey's are still made today.

Jack Daniel was raised by a friend of the family named Dan Call from a young age when Jack left his home. Dan Call may have been a minister, but he was also the owner of a whiskey still. This whiskey still on the outskirts of Lynchburg is where Jack got his first start in learning about making good whiskey. When Jack was 13 years old, Dan Call chose to devote all his time to the ministry so he sold the still to Jack. The rest, as they say, is history. Jack made the name Jack Daniel famous worldwide. Anywhere you go, if you mention the name 'Jack Daniel' people know what you're talking about.

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is made right from the spring water in the Hollow of Lynchburg. The water is iron free and pure. This water spring is the reason why they put the Distillery in this location by a cave. Right outside of the cave, there's a statue of Jack Daniel standing next to the spring of water. The Jack Daniel Distillery, which is now a National Historic Site, became a licensed distillery in 1866.

Nearby to the Distillery is the Jack Daniel's Barbeque Pavilion, a place where friends come to visit, sample the whiskey, have picnic and just have a great time.  Barbeque Hill has picnics at noon every Friday and Saturday.

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