Mackinac Island Weather


Summer in Mackinac Island


Even in summer, temperatures in this region are moderate. Mornings are generally cool, with warmer afternoons, so a sweater or light jacket that you can put on and take off easily is a must. Summer highs typically average 75 degrees, with lows around 48 degrees. Average monthly precipitation is about 2.6 inches.


Spring & Autumn in Mackinac Island


Average spring temperatures range between 32 degrees and 47 degrees, necessitating a jacket at the least. Average monthly precipitation is around 2 inches. Autumn brings slightly warmer average temperatures between 47 degrees and 60 degrees and average monthly precipitation of about 3 inches. Layered clothing is still a good idea to weather the temperature swings.


Winter in Mackinac Island


Winters on Mackinac Island can get downright cold, and February brings lots of snow and ice to the Straits and Lake Huron so cozy days snuggled in your lodging choice are possible. Average monthly precipitation in winter is about 1.7 inches, and daily temperatures average between 9 degrees and 26 degrees. Heavy, warm winter clothing is a necessity this time of year.


Your best bet is to check out the weather in Mackinac Island before you head out so you can plan your activities for what's ahead. For the latest Mackinac Island weather, check out our area weather page before heading out on your next vacation.

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