Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania

If you love wildlife and are planning a visit near Lancaster, Pennsylvania then you must visit the Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania. The Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides for wolves that need a home. The Darlington family originally created the facility in 1980 for educational purposes. The sanctuary boasts over 22 acres of beautiful woodland that is home to over 40 wolves. Because of the amount of area the wolves have they are still able to form packs, choose their mates, breed, and have a normal life. The sanctuary relies on donations to feed, shelter, and provide veterinary care for the wolves. 

Each wolf at this Pennsylvania Wolf Sanctuary has its own name and unique personality. There are several packs of wolves at the sanctuary. There are also several types of wolves there including the Gray Wolf. Some of the wolves have been rescued and brought to the sanctuary although many of them were born there. Check out the tours and meet wolves like Chinook, Lucky, Thor, Galahad, Billy, and many more. 

You can tour the sanctuary on Saturdays and Sundays when it is open to the public. Weekdays are reserved for prearranged tours and private tours. Large groups are welcome with reservations as well. The tour is great for youth groups and school children. Besides the tour other workshops and activities may be available to learn more about the wolves. Also available once or twice a month is the Full Moon Tour for ages 16 and older. The Full Moon Tour allows you to tour at your own pace during a three hour time span. You can visit each pack and talk to a guide about the individual packs of wolves. Or sit under the stars by the fire and warm up with a hot cup of coffee. The Full Moon Tour makes for a very pleasant evening with nature.

If you know a wolf lover then a great gift would be to adopt a wolf for them. When you adopt a wolf you will receive a photo of your adopted wolf, an adoption certificate, a fact sheet about your wolf, and more. Or if you just want to donate and help these beautiful creatures you may do so.

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