Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Ride

Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Ride

Detail The ride lasts approximately 2 1/2 - 3 hours.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Cameras are Permitted
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Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Ride

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There is nothing more romantic that soaring through the skies of the beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch Country with the Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Ride.

Imagine starting your morning in Pennsylvania off with your loved one at your side, soaring off in a basket and a beautifully colored balloon over head just as the sun is beginning to illuminate the area with its warm rays. You will hear nothing more than the sounds of nature and the hot air racing into the balloon from time to time. Your hot air balloon pilot will guide the balloon as you drift effortlessly over farms, farmers working the fields, forests and villages. If you enjoy sleeping late, join us for a balloon ride at the end of the day before sunset. You will agree that a hot air balloon ride anytime, 'is one of life's unique pleasures'.

On the Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Ride, you will travel from Bird in Hand, PA through the skies over the countryside, passing over beautiful small towns like New Holland, Strasburg, Ephrata, Reading, and Intercourse. You can view the Amish villages from high above the ground, as well as farmlands, the Susquehanna River, Chesapeake Bay, York, and Harrisburg. If you have been wanting to experience the relaxation and thrill of a hot air balloon ride, there is no better place to enjoy this unique experience than in the skies over Pennsylvania Dutch Country, whether you prefer crisp mornings or the colorful changing skies of sunset. Make plans to treat yourselves to a unique sightseeing experience on your Pennsylvania vacation by reserving your space on the Lancaster County Hot Air Balloon Ride today!

Great ride with a great polite.
-- Walter Horner - Fieldsboro, NJ
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