Rock Climbing in Mount Rushmore

When visiting Mount Rushmore, there are many ways to see the area, including by getting up onto the rocks and climbing it. If you are a climber you will love traveling through the Black Hills area of the region and climbing to a summit where you can sit and ponder what it took to build Mount Rushmore in the first place. Anyone can enjoy the thrill from beginners to experienced climbers. The goal is to get into the best position to see what the area has to offer.

There are several areas that offer the best climbing experience. You will appreciate these for their views as well as the help you will get along the way. Consider Basic Rock:  Climbing Adventure and the Discover Climbing Adventure. Both will offer excellent adventures as soon as you get started. The hills here are perfect for rock climbing!

Basic Rock:  Climbing Adventure

To get started, visit Basic Rock: Climbing Adventure. This is an outstanding location that will allow you to learn how to climb. You will learn how to rappel and belay and tie knots when you take this adventure option. This particular climb is a six hour rock climbing introduction. It will teach you how to do basic and moderately advanced hiking and climbing.

This full course will help to provide you with the skills you will need to actually take on the steep rock climbs that are ahead. You will learn how to communicate correctly while climbing as well as how to use your equipment correctly. While the course is challenging, you will have a lot of fun learning the methods and techniques so important to climbing here. You will also be able to take in some of the most amazing views anywhere. You will have a guide that helps you throughout the process, from start to finish, climbing, demonstrating and encouraging the entire way.

The Discover Climbing Adventure is another option for you. This climb is about three hours long and is a true adventure in itself. You will have a professional guide to help you throughout the tour and all of the equipment that you need is provided to you. When you do get to the summit, take a look around at some of the most amazing views you will see anywhere.

You will not need any experience for this adventure either, as they both provide a thrilling learning experience that is hands on. The entire family will enjoy this one!  Be sure to come during the morning or afternoon, when you will be able to get the best experience available.

While challenging, any rock climbing experience is enjoyable. You will need to be in decent shape to enjoy this type of activity but the professionals are willing to help anyone to enjoy the fantastic views and amazing terrain all around you. For those that want to enjoy what rock climbing provides, but need some help to learn the ropes, so to speak, these adventures are the perfect way to start your day.  Be sure to choose the perfect hotel for you and your family in the area for the best vacation experience possible! Can you climb Mount Rushmore? No but there are plenty of other great places to go! 

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