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Disney Springs near Orlando, FL

1486 Buena Vista Dr Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
The following activities include admission to Disney Springs near Orlando, FL:
Magic Christmas Tour in Orlando, Florida City Photo
12/1/2024 - 1/6/2025
Welcome to the dazzling Magic Christmas Tour in the heart of Orlando, Florida.
The following tours go by Disney Springs near Orlando, FL:
Private Helicopter Night Tour in Orlando Park Fireworks Photo
6/20/2024 - 1/5/2025
Experience the dazzling brilliance of Orlando's famous theme parks from the sky on our Private Helicopter Night Tour over Orlando Park Fireworks.
The following tours visit Disney Springs near Orlando, FL:
Orlando Area Theme Parks and City Lights at Night! *22 Miles* Photo
6/20/2024 - 5/31/2025
Welcome to an alluring journey that unfolds the mesmerizing spectacle of Orlando Area’s Theme Parks and the enchanting city lights at night.
Helicopter Tour 30 Miles Fly Over All the Theme Parks in Florida Photo
6/20/2024 - 5/31/2025
Dive into an exhilarating aerial journey with the 30-mile, Helicopter Tour over all the theme parks in the enchanting land of Orlando, Florida.
Disney Springs, located in Orlando, Florida, is best known as a shopping, dining, and entertainment hub within Walt Disney World Resort's fold.

Nestled on the southeast corner of the sprawling resort, it stands as an irresistible lure for millions of Disney lovers worldwide, captivating guests not only with its fantastic Disney-themed merchandise but also blending quality dining, entertainment, and beautiful Floridian scenery into one delightful experience. People journey to Disney Springs for its varied offerings, from retail therapy to gastronomic explorations, and all the magic in between.

Disney Springs, originally christened as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village in 1975, has transformed over the years, amplifying its appeal to Disney enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. The sprawling complex has been shaped and reshaped through numerous revamps, from being Downtown Disney to its present incarnation. Spanning approximately 120-acres, it mimics a turn-of-the-century Florida town, split into four distinct areas - The Marketplace, The Landing, Town Center, and West Side.

The biggest highlight of Disney Springs is the unique blend of attractions tailored for different tastes and ages. For those seeking some Disney nostalgia, the World of Disney Store in The Marketplace is a haven. It is the largest Disney merchandise store, housing a galaxy of goodies from clothing to toys. But Disney Springs is more than shopping. It’s also a gastronomic paradise with a fusion of flavors. Take a culinary journey around the world at Morimoto Asia, satisfy your sweet tooth at Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop, or enjoy the homegrown flavors of Florida at Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'. Moreover, it hosts a slew of entertainment outlets like AMC Dine-In Theatres, Splitsville Luxury Lanes, and the iconic Cirque du Soleil.

Nature lovers are not overlooked either. Pristine landscapes, charming waterfronts, and Floridian natural scenery add tranquil beauty to the bustling ambiance. Equally remarkable is the LEGO Imagination Center, a favorite for children and adults alike, with its mind-boggling lego creations. And if you seek the thrill of the heights, then the Aerophile—The World Leader in Balloon Flight will lift your spirits quite literally.

In essence, Disney Springs seamlessly combines retail, dining, entertainment, and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for any traveller. This place will undoubtedly amaze you whether you are a Disney die-hard, a foodie, a shopaholic, or a nature buff. Experience retail therapy with a dash of Disney magic, feast your taste buds on global flavors, clap along with world-class performances, or simply sit back and relish the Floridian landscape - a day at Disney Springs is sure to be etched in your memory.

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