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Waterfront Dining in Charleston

Whether you are dining in town, along with the coast, or have decided to travel to one of the islands off the coast of Charleston for an amazing stay, waterfront dining in the area is an amazing way to eat some great food in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. There are literally dozens and dozens of fabulous restaurants in the area, ranging from fine dining establishments to Irish pubs and bars. Everyone knows how hungry you get enjoying a parasailing excursion or an afternoon on a wave runner, so here are just a few of the best places to enjoy waterfront dining in Charleston, SC.


The Fleet Landing Restaurant is a former U.S. Navy port that is literally indestructible when it comes to hurricanes. The casual feeling of the establishment makes it a great place for any party, birthday, or reception. With Southern and Low Country favorites, the menu is a regular smorgasbord of excellence. Appetizers like fried green tomatoes and crispy steak calamari set up a perfect meal. The entrees are even more amazing with choices like seafood, pasta, hamburgers, soups, salad, and much more. Some of the favorite entrees are the Pan Roasted Tilapia and Charleston 'Shrimp and Grits.' The Fleet Landing Restaurant also has an extensive wine list for those who would like to make the meal a little classier.


If you are looking for a fun, relaxing place to dine, then head straight to Toucan Reef. Boasting the best waterfront view in the entire city, the atmosphere of Toucan Reef is a beachfront cafe. With fun drinks from the only 'beach bar' in Charleston, you can't go wrong at Toucan Reef. With drinks like the Toucan Breezer and the Reef Runner, the tropical atmosphere is complete. Serving both lunch and dinner, the restaurant features scores of appetizers and entrees, including 'small plates' for those with a smaller appetite. Pasta and seafood show up a lot on the menu, but there is chicken, soup, and salad as well. Toucan Reef is proud of their ability to serve international dishes to the Charleston community.


Another tropical favorite in the Charleston area is the Acme Cantina. With a screened porch and amazing view, this restaurant offers a relaxing view of the ocean. Along with the relaxed atmosphere is the food, which is amazing on all levels. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can enjoy the Acme Cantina any time of the day. Dinner specialties are heavy on both seafood and Mexican cuisine. One of the most popular dishes, Cantina Grilled Salmon, is a combination of delicious salmon, a green chile hollandaise sauce, potatoes, and vegetables.


Remember, these are just a few of the wonderful waterfront dining restaurants in Charleston. One thing that all of the waterfront eateries in Charleston have in common is the relaxing quality of both the space and the menu. As a whole, dining on the Charleston coastline is an ideal experience that can be both relaxing and romantic during your getaway, depending on where and when you choose to go.

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