The image shows a large, sprawling oak tree behind an ornate black iron fence, indicative of a serene park or residential area.
A red water taxi docks at a pier with a WATER TAXI flag on a sunny day, with a bridge in the background and a few passengers around.
An ornate wrought iron gate opens up to a sunlit garden with bright green shrubbery.

Charleston Outdoor Activities


The amazing city of Charleston offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Here are some of the best in the area that you might want to check out on your next trip to Charleston.

Charleston Harbor Parasailing Excursion


This exciting adventure will take you hundreds of feet into the air as you soar over the blue waters of Charleston Harbor. You can fly solo or with a friend as you enjoy the spectacular views of the landscape at 800 feet. For a thrilling and exciting way to see historic Charleston, check out this parasailing experience.


Charleston Harbor Wave Runner Rental


Have a splashing good time with a wave runner cruise in Charleston Harbor. You can choose to take a relaxing cruise or go on a thrilling fast paced adventure. A whopping ten mile stretch of the harbor is yours to explore. Great fun for all ages awaits with this exciting activity.

Creek Fishing Trip


With this fishing adventure, an experienced captain will take you to all the best fishing spots where you might just real in the big one. All the equipment and transportation is provided so all you have to do is cast your line into the water. This experience also offers a fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere where you can sit back, enjoy great fishing, and of course take pictures of your prize catch.


These are some of the best ways to enjoy the outdoor beauty that the historic city of Charleston has to offer. Book your lodging today for an unforgettable experience!

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