2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist

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2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist
Detail Choice of several departures throughout the day
Detail Perfect introduction for first-time visitors
Detail Small group ensures personal service
Detail Soak up the atmosphere on a walking tour
Detail Travel by boat and see the sights from the water
Detail Duration: 2 hours
Detail It lasts approximately 2 hours.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
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2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist
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A dolphin is leaping playfully out of the clear turquoise waterA dolphin is leaping playfully out of the clear turquoise waterA dolphin is leaping playfully out of the clear turquoise waterA dolphin is leaping playfully out of the clear turquoise water

Revel in the majestic beauty of Charleston’s historical ghost tours, an evening full of chilling tales, hauntings, and an up-close experience of the city’s rich past. This two-hour walking tour isn’t just about hearing ghost stories but also about delving into the city's twisted history along its cobblestone streets lined with moss-draped antebellum houses. Charleston's folklore comes alive as we recount local legends under the soft glow of gaslight lamps, giving visitors an exhilarating dose of the city's paranormal history.

As dusk settles into the charming city of Charleston, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey through the historic and haunted streets with your well-informed guide leading the way. Allow at least two hours for the entire tour, which spans roughly 1.5 miles of easy walking pace. You'll be introduced to some of Charleston's iconic landmarks like Rainbow Row, The Battery, and the quaint, narrow alleys known to locals for their eerie past. Understanding the city's deeply-rooted historical context and its purported hauntings invites an immersive experience into the past, one that is as educational as it is thrilling. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes and come equipped with an inquisitive mind and perhaps a flashlight to better explore the dark corners and depths of Charleston’s mysterious past.

The tour is packed with fascinating stories that weave together Charleston's history, architecture, and the supernatural world beautifully. You'll learn about the horrific tales related to Old City Jail, which was operational for 137 years, each story more intriguing than the one before. The Charlestowne neighborhood, known for its lingering spirits, will leave you awestruck. The Dock Street Theatre’s ghostly stories are guaranteed to chill your spine and keep you on your toes, making every minute of this tour worth your while.

Charleston’s ghost tours are more than just a collection of ghost stories; they capture the essence of this history-soaked city - a city haunted not just by spirits, but also by its past. From tales of jilted lovers to stories of brave soldiers, these spooky narratives have built Charleston's reputation as one of America's most haunted cities. Even the best skeptics might find themselves looking over their shoulder by the end of the tour. This exploration of Charleston’s haunted streets is the perfect blend of history, mystery, and spine-chilling fun for every history buff, ghost story enthusiast, and curious visitor eager for an unusual experience.

Rounding off the night on these haunted yet historical streets of Charleston under the starry sky could be that unique memory you take home from your trip. Packed with charm, history, and mystery, it's an opportunity to witness another dimension of the city by just walking through it. Charleston's ghost tours promise a journey into the unknown, filled with fascination, goosebumps, and memorable thrills. Book your tour now and prepare to experience Charleston in a whole new and thrillingly spectral light.

 Stop at  Charleston Harbor
Discover the exhilarating beauty of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. From rich naval history to stunning waterfront views, it's truly a jewel in the ocean's crown. The harbor offers numerous activities ranging from boat tours to dolphin sightings.
 Stop at  Charleston Maritime Center
Discover the charm of Charleston Maritime Center, a lively waterfront hub that perfectly mirrors the maritime heritage of Charleston, South Carolina. Enjoy a meditative stroll along the dock, and observe spectacular yachts as they sway gently in the harbor. This is more than a marina, it's a window into a vibrant maritime culture.
 Pass By  Fort Sumter National Monument
Immerse yourself in U.S. history at Fort Sumter National Monument, Charleston. Where the first shot of the Civil War boomed, the fort is a tribute to the turbulent and transformative 1860s, a must-visit for budding historians.
 Stop at  Morris Island
Be spellbound by the serene beauty of Morris Island, Charleston. Nestled in South Carolina's tranquil waters, this barrier island promises untouched beaches, rich Civil War history, the iconic Morris Island Lighthouse, and abundant wildlife. Offering an immersive, surreal escape, it is a coastal paradise perfect for history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and peace-seekers alike. Explore this emerald gem for an unforgettable Charleston experience.

Strolling through a dark alley on a chilly night, listening to ghostly tales that bring a city's vibrant past alive, can turn into an unforgettable experience. Imagine a walk through Charleston's history, shadowed by bustling pirates, haunted theaters, and echoing cries of long-gone residents, all unveiling secrets that the city has been whispering for centuries. Your visit wouldn't’t be complete without experiencing Charleston’s historical ghost tours, a perfect blend of history, mystery, and intrigue.

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  • What methods of transportation does the 2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist use?
  • Approximately how long does the 2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist last?
    It lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • For what ages is the tour appropriate?
    Great for all ages.
  • Is photography / video recording allowed on the 2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist?
  • Is the 2-Hour Nature Boat Tour with Certified Naturalist handicap accessible?
    No, it is not wheelchair accessible.

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