It’s time to pack your bags and head to the coast.

Sometimes you just need to get away. Whether you’ve been working long hours and you’re tired of staring at the same wall in your cubicle for eight hours a day, or you’ve been mentally planning an oceanside getaway for the past six years, you owe it to yourself. A vacation is the perfect chance to get away, relax and come back refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Not sure you’re ready to fill out the PTO paperwork, bite the bullet and splurge for those airline tickets? Take a look through the checklist below and see how many of these you find yourself in agreement with. You might just be surprised at how desperate we you are for a vacation.

Photo 1womanThinking

1. You can’t remember the last time you did absolutely nothing.

Photo 2smashedCellPhone

2. You have to resist the uncontrollable urge to smash your smartphone every time it goes off.

Photo 3Tahiti

3. You hear the word ‘vacation’ whenever anyone says a word like ‘frustration’, ‘exasperation’ or ‘perspiration’, and abruptly interrupt with, “Yeah, I could use one of those.” Then you go off on a tangent about how much you really deserve a trip to Tahiti.

Photo 4mojito

4. You find yourself pretending the cup of water on your desk at work is actually a mojito.

Photo 5watchingTV

5. The Walking Dead is your biggest plan after work.

Photo 6tiredPerson

6. Your friends and family have replaced, “Hey, how’s it going?” with, “Wow, you look really tired.”

Photo 7hulaGirl

7. You try to convince your boss that there really needs to be a Honolulu office. And you really do need a private jet to get there. It just makes fiscal sense.

Photo 8boss

8. Your boss is No. 1 on your speed dial.

Photo 9whyNotMe

9. You’re jealous anytime you hear that anyone went anywhere. “Man I wish I got to visit my uncle recovering in a hospital in Cleveland.”

Photo 10reading

10. You find yourself re-reading the same sentence nine times before actually comprehending it.

Photo 11bathingSuit

11. Your bathing suit is dusty.

Photo 12toDoList

12. Items from your to-do list keep rolling over to the next day’s to-do list. And then the next day’s. And the next.

Photo 13narwhal2

13. You knitted yourself a tropical paradise, narwhal included.

Photo 14dog

14. You and your dog have a nightly de-stressing ritual involving cuddles, ice cream and Friends reruns.

Photo 15stressedOut

15. You start stressing over things that really don’t matter. (But seriously, I’m pretty sure your coworker wasn’t mean muggin you because they’re plotting something.)

Photo 16everyoneNeeds1

16. Everyone and their mom suddenly needs something from you RIGHT NOW.

Photo 17smartPhone

17. The wallpaper on your phone is no longer your family, but your favorite vacation spot.

Photo 18forgotWinter

18. You actually forget that winter is over.

Photo 19staringAtComputer

19. You stare blankly at your computer screen at work for extended amounts of time before realizing you haven’t typed anything in like 30 minutes.

Photo 20calendar

20. You make plans to grab coffee with a friend and then realize that every weekend (or week day) is already booked.

Photo 21caseOfMondays1

21. Your case of the Mondays lasts all week.

Photo 23roadRage

23. You’ve had five or more instances of road rage this week alone.

Photo 24wakeUpPaniced

24. You wake up in a panic on the weekend, convinced that it’s actually a week day and you’re late to work.

Photo 25coffeeWithUmbrella

25. You add one of those tiny umbrellas to every drink. Just because you can.

Photo 26talkingToPlant1

Why hello Mr. Plant. Are you thirsty today?

26. You’ve started talking to inanimate office objects to keep you company throughout the day.

Photo 27justCant

27. You don't have the energy to do anyone any favors. Not even the people you love.

Photo 28Need-a-vacation

28. You look like this every day.

* You totally didn't notice we skipped number 22.

So be honest: when was your last vacation? Are you ready for another one? Where would your dream vacation be? Share with us in the comments below!

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