Dolphin Village Marina in St. Petersburg, FL

4655 Gulf Blvd St. Petersburg, FL 33706
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1.5-HOUR Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise from Tampa Photo
2/27/2024 - 1/31/2025
Experience the breathtaking beauty of Tampa Bay, Florida, on a premium sightseeing cruise of St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.
St. Pete Winter Booze Cruise (October-March) Photo
3/3/2024 - 12/29/2024
Get ready to experience a one-of-a-kind booze cruise that will give you a whole new perspective of St. Petersburg, Florida.
Tucked away in the vibrant surges of Florida's coasts, sitting on the shores of the cerulean waters of the Gulf of Mexico lies the Dolphin Village Marina in St. Petersburg, a coastal treasure that enchants everyone who happens to stumble upon it. For those interested in marine activities, this marina promises endless fun and adventures. Besides the opportunity to witness eccentric dolphins, it offers shopping excursions, dining and recreational services.

The charm of this marina is accentuated by its captivating history. Established in the early 1970s, Dolphin Village Marina has been in operation for over half a century, with the magnificence of its heritage augmenting its appeal. Over the decades, the marina has expanded and revamped, acquiring contemporary features, yet carefully preserving its quaint character. The marina spans 23,500 square meters, hosting an array of shops, restaurants, and services, in addition to the boat docks.

Among the hodgepodge of amenities, some of the most notable are historic landmarks and buildings that contain charming shops. What instantly catches the eye is the magnificent waterfront complex housing quaint boutiques that showcase Florida's fashion sensibility. The marina's proximity to St. Pete Beach allows visitors to mix leisure shopping with exciting beach activities. After a day of sailing and shopping, one can sample the scrumptious cuisine at the marina’s array of local and international restaurants, where the fresh catch of the day meets global culinary methods creating a delightful gastronomic experience.

Engagement with the natural world is another highlight of the Dolphin Village Marina. It allows visitors to try their hand at fishing or voyages to catch glimpses of the spectacular dolphin families who call these waters their home. Boat rentals offer a chance to sail and feel the spirit of the sea, making memories that last a lifetime. Every aspect of this marina mirrors the essence of St. Petersburg, Florida – its appeal, diversity, and the spirit of hospitality that so effortlessly welcomes visitors.

To sum it up, there are plenty of reasons that make Dolphin Village Marina a special spot to visit. It's not just its location on the luminous Florida coastline or its abundant marine activities, but the perfect blend of history, nature and contemporary offerings. Quintessential shops and delightful eateries, the thrill of the sea, and friendship of the dolphins together create an unforgettable experience. This marina is beyond just a Point of Interest – it's a vivacious expression of Florida's coastal life, making a trip to Dolphin Village Marina a must for any vacation in St Petersburg.

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