J.C. Newman Cigar Company in Tampa Bay, FL

2701 N 16th St Tampa Bay, FL 33605
The Cigar Factory in Tampa Bay, Florida, is a historic gem of the city, inviting you to take a journey back in time. Located in the historic Cuban district of Ybor City, this factory whisks visitors away to a bygone era of thriving cigar manufacturing. Known for its rich past and significant contribution to the city’s culture, an immersive experience here will allow tourists to understand the intricate cigar-making process and learn the integral role this industry played in Tampa Bay’s growth.

The illustrious history of the factory dates back to the late 19th century, during the boom of the cigar manufacturing era. Fernández y García Co. set the first cornerstone of what would become a legacy in 1895. Originally spanning over three acres and four stories high, this mighty factory employed more than a thousand workers at the height of its production, making it the largest cigar factory in the world at that time. Its redbrick construction, ornate Victorian design, and the cigar-makers’ stories etched within its architecture still reverberate with the spirit of the past.

Visiting the Cigar Factory will provide you with the chance to witness landmark structures such as the original wooden working desks used in the 1900s, and the clock tower – a sentinel of time. A guided tour offers a fascinated crowd a closer look at the art of hand-crafting cigars, a process that seems frozen in time. An integral part of this experience is a visit to the factory's 'bunching' room, where you can see the rollers skillfully crafting cigars, just as artisans did more than a century ago.

Guests can also unwind in the on-site cigar shop and lounge, breathing in the rich aroma of the freshly-made cigars while savoring a cup of traditional Cuban coffee. For those interested in souvenirs, there's an opportunity to buy hand-rolled cigars made from the finest tobaccos worldwide. The factory also conducts various events throughout the year, providing a medium for local artists and vendors to showcase their art and wares to the wider public.

In conclusion, the Cigar Factory is a treasure trove that meticulously presents the history of the cigar industry in Tampa Bay. Its engaging atmosphere, heritage architecture, and practical depiction of an age-old craft make it a must-see point of interest for history enthusiasts, culture aficionados, and curious travelers. With its profound sense of place and captivating charm, the Cigar Factory in Tampa Bay guarantees an experience you’ll want to relive.

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