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Disney's Days of Christmas in Orlando FL

4600 N World Dr, Orlando, FL 32830 Orlando, FL 32830
The following activities include admission to Disney's Days of Christmas near Orlando FL:
Magic Christmas Tour in Orlando, Florida City Photo
12/1/2024 - 1/6/2025
Welcome to the dazzling Magic Christmas Tour in the heart of Orlando, Florida.
Disney's Days of Christmas is an enchanting store located in Disney Springs, a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The store, open all the year-round, is an absolute paradise for those who want to experience the magic and joy of Christmas any day of the year. Decked out with holiday-themed merchandise, sparkling decorations, and Disney characters draped in festive attire, this unique store is a must-visit for Disney enthusiasts, Christmas lovers, and collectors alike.

Established alongside the evolution of Walt Disney World Resort, Disney's Days of Christmas has gained a reputation for its impressive selection of Disney-themed holiday merchandise and its unique celebration of Christmas all year round. The store is nestled amidst Disney Springs’ retail landscape sprawling over 120 acres. Over the years, it has become more than just a retail store – it has transformed into a dazzling year-round winter wonderland, drawing visitors from around the globe.

The major highlight of this point of interest is its vast collection of Disney-themed Christmas items that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences—be it ornaments, stockings, holiday clothing, or unique Disney holiday collectibles. The store also offers a special service where talented artists beautifully personalize your chosen ornament, making it an ideal keepsake or gift. Another standout feature of this store is their Holiday Services. This service offers consultations with experts for homeowners wanting to bring the Disney holiday magic into their homes- making for a holiday gathering your guests won't soon forget.

Apart from shopping, the store also creates an immersive Christmas experience, complete with Christmas carols softly playing in the background, a mix of contemporary and classic holiday lights, and the inviting aroma of holiday treats wafting through the air. Each corner of the store is creatively decorated, showcasing the Disney characters celebrating the holiday season, which makes for an ideal backdrop for your holiday pictures. Every detail of Disney Days of Christmas—from the Christmas-themed window displays, showcasing your favorite Disney characters, to the very floors covered in wintry designs—whisks you into a festive otherworld.

In conclusion, a visit to Disney's Days of Christmas is not just a shopping excursion—it is entering into a magical experience. It allows you a chance to extend the holiday season beyond December, and to carry a piece of Disney’s enchanting Christmas magic back home. Whether you're seeking unique holiday decor, a personalized souvenir, or displaced Christmas vibes, Disney's Days of Christmas offers it all, providing an unforgettable twist on Christmas cheer that endures all year long.

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