BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse in East Nashville, TN

1003 Russell St Nashville, TN 37206
Tucked away in the vibrant and eclectic community of East Nashville, Tennessee, is an epicurean paradise, the BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse.

Known for its creative takes on traditional Italian cuisine and an impressive selection of craft beers, this award-winning eatery is a beloved local hotspot and a must-visit destination for culinary adventurists. Unleash your taste buds into a world of robust flavors while soaking in the traditional, rustic yet contemporary vibe of the restaurant, sure to charm anyone who steps through its doors.

BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse traces its roots back to 1998 when it opened its first outlet in Louisville, Kentucky. The East Nashville location is one of its newest additions, bringing the chain’s unique flavor palette and refined charm to the vibrant Tennessee food scene. Inspired by traditional Italian recipes and the evolving gastronomic trends, BoomBozz stands as a testament to the passion and skill of its creator Tony Palombino, a Pizza Expo International Pizza Champion.

Visitors could easily lose themselves to the mesmerizing aroma wafting from the pizza ovens the minute they step in. What sets BoomBozz apart is its innovative and diverse menu. The pies are spectacularly gourmet, boasting toppings like Gorgonzola, tandoori chicken, and fiery hot ghost pepper cheese. An absolute showstopper is the “Pollotate” pizza, a creative recipe which won the International Pizza Expo competition. There is also a delightful selection of Italian-American dishes like strombolis, hearty sandwiches, and salads. The taphouse offers an extensive and carefully curated list of local and international craft beers, sure to enthrall any brew enthusiast.

Adjacent to the dining area, the spacious patio is a picture-perfect space for memorable gatherings. Lit with string lights and dotted with reclaimed wood high tops and communal tables, it mirrors the overall warm and welcoming ambiance of the Taphouse. If you step in on a weekend, there's a good chance you'll catch some live local music, a bonus that only adds to the memorable dining experience.

The BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse is an embodiment of the gastronomical spirit of East Nashville. With its innovative pizzas that have garnered international acclaim, a top-notch selection of craft beers, and a warm, inviting ambiance, it’s much more than just a dining destination. It offers a unique taste of the local culture and charm. From the aroma of zesty tomato sauce, the sight of gooey cheese on a pizza, to the sound of a chilled pint being poured - it deeply engages all your senses. Whether you're a local looking for a new hangout spot, a craft beer fanatic, or a tourist seeking a slice of local life, BoomBozz promises an exceptional gastronomic adventure. Treat yourself and immerse in the tasteful blend of traditional and innovative at BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse.

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