32 Coolest East Coast Historic Landmarks You Need to Visit
As the site of the original thirteen colonies, it's no surprise that the East Coast is absolutely brimming with history and important governmental locations that everyone should...
Motivation from Meredith: Keep Moving Forward
Some people find their purpose/calling in life a little later than tradition says we should. I found mine at 30 years old. Here's some background...
24 Weird Roadside Attractions You Didn't Know Existed
There are plenty of weird, unusual and just plain odd sights to see when you travel across the country. From the biggest ball of twine to Bigfoot sightings, there are tons of unusual roadside attractions, locations and parks scattered across the country. While we're fairly sure that...
20 Real Old Wild West Attractions You Have to See to Believe
From the exciting gunfights between daring outlaws and the courageous lawmen who fought them to the card sharks and pioneers that made the West great; the stories and histories of the Old West still capture the imaginations of all who hear them. It was a time of lawlessness and perseverance, of...
Motherhood Moments: I'm an Adult Parent of a Person
Over the weekend, it hit me that my baby girl is a child. Not just my child, not just my kid, but, like, A CHILD. I can't pin down exactly when this revelation came to me, but it was...
30 Unbelievable Photo Ops in Wyoming You Can't Miss
From the unrivaled natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park to the first (and oldest) bourbon distillery in Wyoming, there are plenty of places just begging for a close-up. So whether you’re looking for the perfect selfie or...
20 Paranormal Places in Southern Missouri to Add to Your Bucket List
Though I have never had an experience myself, I always thought ghost stories were interesting. So here at the BLT, we have compiled a list for all you supernatural-lovers to add to your supernatural bucket lists. From the Ozarks to the Bootheel, grab your recorder or your camera and check out these haunted places in the southern half of the Show-Me State.
20 Paranormal Places in Central Missouri You Must See Before You Die
Legends and folklore can be found in nearly every Missouri city. The legends pass on from generation to generation, and evenings spent exploring paranormal places are common for those interested in the supernatural. If you are looking for some interesting haunts in the Show-Me state, be sure to check these places out. They will definitely give you chills.
25 Pumpkin Patches in Alabama You Need to Visit This Fall
Bake them, paint them, carve them, bowl with them, shoot them from a cannon, smash them, you name it. If you need a pumpkin this season, make sure to check out these Alabama pumpkin patches for your pumpkin needs and some family fun.
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