A manatee's snout breaks the calm surface of the water in a serene, misty river scene at sunrise.
A dolphin is leaping out of the water amidst a frenzy of scattered fish in a lively aquatic scene.
Passengers are aboard a boat named PLANTATION Adventure Cruises on Crystal River, with some looking attentively towards the water.

Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge Near Tampa, FL

601 Three Sisters Springs Trail Crystal River, FL 34429
The following tours go by Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge Near Tampa, FL:
Scenic Cruise on Crystal River Photo
7/13/2024 - 12/31/2024
Discover the breathtaking and magical waterways in Tampa with the Scenic Sightseeing Cruise on Crystal River.
The Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge is a pristine hidden gem, sparkling in the heart of Florida’s west coast near Tampa. Known for its crystal clear, turquoise waters, it is a sanctuary for manatees, a key highlight attracting visitors from all around the globe. Nestled on the Crystal River, the oasis comprises a network of natural springs that create the perfect haven for marine life and visitors seeking tranquility amidst nature.

Established in 2010 and stretching across approximately 57 acres, the refuge has developed a unique legacy in its fairly short history. Owned by the City of Crystal River, it was primarily acquired to protect and conserve the local habitat, especially the wintering population of West Indian manatees. Since then, the evolutionary transformation of the place has been impressive, without compromising its natural charm and offering a focal point for understanding the intricate marine ecosystems.

Visiting the refuge provides an experience like no other; picture misty mornings and manatees grazing gently on sea grass beds. The manatee viewing deck offers an up-close view of these gentle aquatic mammals, especially in winter when manatees flock in large numbers seeking shelter in the warm spring waters. Take a stroll on the boardwalk and let the tranquil ambiance of this nature's wonder mesmerize you. The winding nature trails provide a unique perspective on Florida's varied wildlife and landscapes.

The refuge is not just about serene views and majestic manatees. For the adventure enthusiasts, the turquoise waters beckon for snorkeling and kayaking. Witness the vibrant underwater life and explore the spring vents by paddling through the serene aquatic trails. There are designated areas for swimming, however, respecting local wildlife is always recommended and heartily appreciated by the Refuge.

No matter what takes you to Florida, the Three Sisters Springs Wildlife Refuge is an experience that cannot be missed. This is not just a typical tourist spot, but a place that has a soul; a place where one can reconnect with nature and be fascinated by the harmony of life, above and under the water. Amidst the vast expanse of marine life, majestic manatees, vivid landscapes, and indulging adventure water-sports, you have something for every type of traveler to cherish.

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