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Wops' Hops Brewing Company near Orlando, FL

419 S Sanford Ave Sanford, FL 32771
The following tours visit Wops' Hops Brewing Company near Orlando, FL:
Craft Beer and History Tour in Sanford Photo
6/22/2024 - 5/31/2025
Immerse yourself in beer and history on the Craft Beer and History Tour in Sanford, Florida.
Welcome to Wop’s Hops Brewing Company, an exquisite gem tucked away in the heart of Sanford, near Orlando, Florida.

It’s not merely known for its incredible selection of artisanal brews; it's also the first ever microbrewery of Sanford. This destination has become a must-visit for those who seek to get acquainted with local flavors, as well as those who savor the craft behind brewing. Creative and quaint, Wop's Hops is located in the iconic Stokes Fish Market building, which not only brings a sense of historic charm but also elevates the entire experience of savoring fine ales within its vintage walls.

Wop's Hop's Brewing Company, established in 2012, has turned an historic location into a bustling hub for beer enthusiasts. The historic Stokes Fish Market building, where it is housed, dates back to 1887 and itself carries volumes of history, having remained a vibrant part of the local community for more than a century. The fusion of the marketplace’s charismatic past and the modern brewing techniques used by Wop’s Hops offers a unique ambiance that tantalizes all your senses, hinting at the layer of deep-rooted history underneath its modern brewing endeavor.

The main highlights at Wop's Hops are, undisputedly, their constantly rotating hand-crafted beers. From the dry and hoppy Kenilworth Pale Ale to the delectable Vanilla Cream Ale, the brewery gives old favorites an intricate twist and introduces new creative mixes, catering to every palate. The onsite tasting room provides an intimate look into the brewing process, adding another dimension to the experience. Additionally, Wop's Hops is also home to The Kitchen at Wops Hops, known for its gourmet grub that perfectly complements the craft brews, enhancing the food and beer tasting experience.

Not just a brewery, Wop's Hops holds many surprises that augment its charm. Their love for animals shines through in the pet-friendly policy, welcoming not just people but also their furry companions. Also, the brewery exhibits local art throughout, supporting and promoting home-grown talent and surrounding its patrons with creative inspiration. Weekly events such as Trivia Nights foster a sense of community, drawing in locals and tourists alike.

In conclusion, Wop's Hops Brewing Company is more than just a microbrewery; it's a testament to Sanford’s rich history, a platform for local artists, and a gathering point for the community. As you sample their intricate brews, savor gourmet cuisines, or simply soak in the vintage atmosphere, visiting Wop's Hops is not just about having a drink. It is an immersive encounter with the spirit of Sanford. So if you are on a quest for craft beers with a side of local culture, history, and community, Wop's Hops Brewing Company should be on the top of your must-visit list.

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