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Woolworth Theatre in Nashville, TN

223 Rep. John Lewis Way N Nashville, TN 37219
The following shows play at Woolworth Theatre:
Shiners Nashvill Photo
5/16/2024 - 12/28/2024
Experience some of the best show-stopping entertainment in Music City with tickets to see a show at the Woolworth Theatre.
Immerse yourself in a melting pot of cultural experience at the Woolworth Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee.

Popularly known as the 'home of 100 points of rhythm,' this centerpiece of American cultural heritage prides itself on its vibrant blend of music, history, and southern cuisine. Situated in the heart of downtown Nashville, the Woolworth Theatre is a must-visit destination for those seeking to relive the rich narratives of the American civil rights movement and the birth of the musical tapestry that is rhythm and blues.

Established in 1930, the five-and-dime store opened under F.W. Woolworth, becoming a bustling hub for locals. However, it claimed its place in history in the tense era of the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement, as its lunch counters became a battleground for racial integration, led by brave African American students from local colleges. Today the restored Woolworth Theatre carries a spirit of unity and celebrates not just music and food but also reflects on the site’s significant role in Nashville's fight for racial equality.

The biggest highlights of Woolworth Theatre lie in its authentic combination of rhythm and blues entertainments, historic footprints, and its embodiment of an era. It boasts live music that resounds through its classic art-deco interiors, transporting you back in time to the exciting era of the 1960s. The stage, which keeps alive the soul of dancing and singing, showcases various talented artists and bands that recreate the appeal of rhythm and blues music every week. The Woolworth's commitment to preserving history goes beyond music; murals and memorabilia throughout the space reflect the story of the store’s noteworthy past.

The “New Era Ballroom,” on the building’s second floor, showcases a vibrant display of artistic excellence. Here, the ballroom serves up live performances resonating with the rhythm of Motown, soul, and rock n' roll. The lower levels of Woolworth on 5th are filled with reminders of the building's past—bar stools, countertops and other vitrines provided for a walk down the memory lane.

In closing, The Woolworth Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee, offers an unforgettable harmonious blend of culture, history, and music. Visitors have the rare opportunity to soak up the sounds, savor the tastes of tantalizing Southern cuisine, and witness a moving piece of civil rights history. Stepping inside its doors, one can't help but feel captivated by the essence of an era immortalized and the powerful narrative signifying the triumph of unity and equality. The Woolworth Theatre is truly a striking testament of the transformative power of music and movement in shaping society.

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