Ray Stevens CabaRay Dinner Show
Ray Stevens CabaRay Dinner Show
Larry's Country Diner in Nashville

Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom in Nashville, TN

5724 River Rd Nashville, TN 37209
The following shows play at Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom:
Ray Stevens CabaRay Dinner Show Photo
4/18/2024 - 12/28/2024
For an inspriing night of marvelous entertainment and a warming dinner show, make sure to head to Ray Stevens CabaRay in Nashville, TN. The show is sure to be a great time, so do not miss out on all of the rousing moments.
The following shows PREVIOUSLY played at Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom:
Larry's Country Diner in Nashvill Photo
Straight from the Ozarks comes the much-loved show Larry's Country Diner, which serves up mouthwatering food alongside entertainment for a palatable and fun evening out on the town!
Occupying an esteemed place in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom serves as a vibrant tribute to the indelible music and entertainment history of the city.

Known for its spell-binding live performances, the CabaRay is currently helmed by Grammy award-winning artist Ray Stevens who brings the stage to life with an infectious combination of country and comedy. A visit to the CabaRay Showroom not only elevates your experience of Nashville's music scene, but it also introduces you to a fresh facet of life in Music City.

Founded in 2017, the CabaRay Showroom is an embodiment of Ray Stevens' dream to create a venue combining entertainment, dining, and music under one roof. This 35,000-square-foot showplace is designed to transport visitors to the golden era of dinner theatres. Sprawling across the vast expanse, the showroom includes a full-service kitchen, the Boulevard– a state-of-the-art piano bar, and a spacious main showroom which appears to stunningly mirror the ambience of Vegas showrooms from the past.

A reserve of rich experiences, the CabaRay Showroom unfolds a plethora of delights. Whether it's the grandeur of the elegant main showroom, with its 700 plush seats and a central stage featuring luminescent chandeliers, or the intimate charm of the state-of-the-art piano bar Boulevard, each corner of the premise presents a unique spectacle. Visitors are instantly enchanted by Ray Stevens’ dynamic performances, where his vividly talented renditions of country songs blend seamlessly with his humorous anecdotes, making every night a celebration of music and mirth.

Further, the CabaRay Showroom's impressive culinary ventures add another intoxicating note. Their full-service kitchen whips up delectable Southern cuisine to relish while you soak up the electrifying atmosphere. Every visit is elevated by the flavorsome notes of Nashville’s traditional eats, which marry perfectly with the eclectic tapestry of music that the Showroom offers.

In conclusion, Ray Stevens CabaRay Showroom is an unparalleled mix of song, humor, dining experience, and a ticket back to the glamour of old-world Vegas dinner theatre, all set in the heart of Nashville. With every trip, you'll witness the powerful passion of Ray Stevens as he keeps the spirit of music and comedy alive under the grand arches of the Showroom. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a history buff, a gastronome or a comic lover, the Showroom promises an evening of unforgettable entertainment, and a sneak peek into Nashville's rich and rhythmic soul.

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