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Memphis Day Trip Bus Tour
Memphis Day Trip Bus Tour

Graceland near Nashville, TN

Elvis Presley Blvd Memphis, TN 38116
The following tours visit Graceland near Nashville:
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6/1/2024 - 4/26/2025
The Memphis Day Trip Bus Tour is the perfect way to experience all that Memphis has to offer; from the popular attractions to the towering city buildings, you can get everything you want and more out of this fabulous tour.
Graceland, widely recognized as the home of the legendary rock n' roll icon Elvis Presley, sits majestically in the vivacious city of Memphis, Tennessee, just a short drive from downtown Nashville.

Established as a tourist attraction since 1982, it invites millions of visitors annually from all corners of the globe, who journey to explore the life and legacy of 'The King of Rock n' Roll.' Graceland provides unmatched, intimate insight into Elvis's life, doubling as a museum dedicated to cherishing and preserving his life achievements. From the white-columned mansion to the meticulously preserved vintage cars, Graceland serves as a fascinating time capsule and a must-visit locale, especially for any music aficionado.

The Graceland estate, spread over 13.8 acres, was purchased by Elvis Presley in 1957 and subsequently served as his primary residence until his untimely demise in 1977. Framed by fertile green lawns manicured to perfection, the grand mansion is a fine exemplification of the colonial revival architectural style prevalent in the mid-19th century American South. A walk-through this stately residence reveals the opulent and quirky side of Elvis's residence, preserved minutely to maintain authenticity.

Among the numerous attractions within Graceland estate, the mansion tops the list. Each corner of the mansion, with its 23 rooms and sprawling garden landscape, reflects Elvis's exuberant lifestyle. Highlights include the Jungle Room, adorned with thick green shag carpets and Polynesian décor, and the Trophy Building housing Elvis's gold and platinum records. The famed pink Cadillac, Elvis's private jet, the Lisa Marie, and a handful of his tailor-made vibrant costumes used for performances are other impressive exhibits showcased in the car museum. The Meditation Gardens, where Elvis rests amongst his family, adds an emotional reverence to the Graceland tour, making it an incredibly personal experience for visitors.

Beyond the mansion's splendid architecture and the physical remnants of Elvis's legacy, Graceland operates as a living museum offering an active interpretation of his life. Visitors have the opportunity to experience Elvis’s journey from humble beginnings to unprecedented super stardom, through hundreds of artifacts narrating a story untouched by time. The newly introduced Elvis: The Entertainer Career Museum, the world's largest Elvis museum, fascinates visitors with a comprehensive collection of his vibrant costumes, iconic movie memorabilia, records, and more.

In conclusion, Graceland remarkably brings forth the exceptional life and career of Elvis Presley with an intimate and endearing touch. This POI is not just an attraction, but it’s a journey that takes you on a nostalgic ride into the life of one of the greatest music legends of all time. Together with its historical significance and a chance to understand the character and charisma that made Elvis Presley the icon he is, Graceland stands undeniably as an exceptional reason to plan your visit to this beacon of rock 'n' roll legacy.

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