Things to Do in Lake Tahoe in October 2024

Enjoy an autumn adventure in the beautiful Lake Tahoe area! By visiting in October, guests will be able to see the Lake Tahoe scenery dressed in its stunning autumn colors. Admire glorious reds, oranges, and yellows as you set sail around Lake Tahoe on one of the cruises in the area. Browse the calendar to plan the perfect October getaway.

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Top Things To Do In Lake Tahoe in October
Oct 1, 2024 to Oct 29, 2024
Around The Lake Tahoe Tour

October offers ideal conditions to explore Lake Tahoe during a breathtaking Around The Lake Tahoe Tour. The chill in the air carries the distinct crispness of autumn, perfectly complementing the dazzling display of fall foliage. The summer crowds have dispersed, bestowing serenity on the panoramic vistas and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy the majestic exploration of Emerald Bay, historic stops, and captivating mountain views - all captivatingly framed by fall's kaleidoscopic palette.

Oct 1, 2024 to Oct 31, 2024
Lake Tahoe Sightseeing Cruises Aboard the Bleu Wave
October is an extraordinary time to visit Lake Tahoe, California and enjoy the Bleu Wave Sightseeing Lunch Cruises. The crystal clear skies and mellow temperatures create the perfect setting for a leisurely cruise onboard a luxurious yacht. As the autumn leaves start to turn gold and orange, the panoramic views of the stunning shoreline become even more magnificent. Savor a delightful lunch, served with a side of gorgeous mountain scenery, and soak up the tranquil vibes. October is a less crowded month, enabling visitors to relish the peaceful ambiance of the lake.
Oct 1, 2024 to Oct 20, 2024
2 Hour Small Group Sailing Cruise Lake Tahoe
October is a fantastic time to visit Lake Tahoe for a 2-hour small group sailing cruise. The crisp autumn air, combined with the golden hues of fall foliage, adds an unparalleled charm to the scenic beauty. Lake Tahoe, already a spectacle, is further amplified by the mesmerizing October sunset. The small-group setting of this cruise allows for a tranquil, intimate experience, making it an ideal escape from city life to immerse in tranquil nature and invigorating sailing adventure.
Oct 3, 2024 to Oct 31, 2024
Virginia City NV Day Tour
October is an ideal time to embark on the Virginia City NV Day Tour in Lake Tahoe. During this month, the crowded summer rush subsides, making the tour more intimate and enjoyable. The autumn foliage enhances historic Virginia City's charm, augmenting the immersive 19th-century mining town experience. It also complements the captivating narration of the mining town's past, making each landmark, museum, and church visit undeniably unforgettable. This is a trip back in time amplified by the Autumn magic.

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